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I am happy this all went well for you and hope your results are as the doctor assumes as benign, I wanted to ask was there any other symptoms in the past months? Any bladder irritation like pressure? My last ultrasound I requested I am told is normal but it shows the endometrium lining overly thick for my age, I did get a rather heavy period 3 days later though and hope thats all it was. I am 46 still get my monthly cycle but its been 21 days now instead of 26 and first 2 days are bad lots flooding. I think I need go see a new dr and go get this looked at, anyway at the very least I might need the lining burnt to stop the periods or slow them for now, a friend who is 52 had exactly what you had and no ultrasound picked up the fibroids they only seen them wen they went inside. Probably what I have
hope all goes well and thank you for the post I am sure its helped alot who read it

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