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Hi All.

I'm new to this but need some ideas of what could be going on.

Some history - 10 years ago, 2 weeks after my 32nd birthday I was diagnosed with Duke's C colorectal cancer, had 45cm of my bowel removed, 6 months of chemo and went on with my life. I've since had 3 children (currently 7, almost 5 and 2 years). I am 42 and last week went to my GP for a routine Pap test (the results of which were Normal). On pelvic exam my GP noticed that my uterus was enlarged and above the pelvic bone, she referred me for a transvaginal ultrasound which I had this morning. The report for this is not available, but the sonographer told me she saw no fibroids but did say that the uterine lining was thickened. My periods are regular at 26 days, the past 3 I have noticed a few clots of about 5mm during the cycles. Also since my periods returned after my last child (when he was 7 months) they have been quite heavy on day 2 then rather light and lasting for 5 days. The past 6 or so have just gone on for an extra 3 up to 6 days, but really really light, not flowing just there iykwim.

So based on today's ultrasound showing thickening of the endometrium, what are the likely causes of this, does anyone know? I can't get into my GP to get teh report until next week.



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