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my last ultrasound said the endometrium was unusually thick for a woman my age(46) but it then said this could be hormaonal, and I got quick a heavy period 3 days after that ultrasound. It is hard to know whats going on with what little information you have given. Why was she at the gyno in the first place? how big was the cyst and how thick was the uterus? also when is her next period due?I had a small 1cm cyst on that xray as well and it said this is possible a normal follicular cysts, women get cysts every month as eggs come and go some women get lots some get 1, did she have any abnormal pap smear results because maybe the surgery she had was not only a currette(scrapping the uterus) but a cone biopsy of the cervix which takes 2 weeks or so to get results. Best to call the doctor and disscuss exactly what she has or he suspects she has instead of worrying madly for 2 weeks, it might be nothing. As for the bouts of heaving bleeding I agree to get back to the hospital and just check that is all ok. good luck try not to worry

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