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Unfortunately for me, there was no spotting or discharge. When I went to the gyne oncologist, he could not do a biopsy of the uterus. About 10 years ago, I had, what I was told back then, a relatively simple outpatient procedure called radio-frequency uterine ablation. It was for cysts, or benign fibroids or something. Anyway, the ablation, they go in with this radio frequency, and burn away the endometrial lining, relatively painless and avoids a hysterectomy. The down side is, for me, it scarred the womb shut. So, the gyne oncologist said because it was scarred shut, my uterus swelled and swelled and swelled, all the blood and discharge built up inside me, and so the cancer grew and grew, undetected until finally I started getting such bad belly pain, I couldn't walk or talk, or barely breathe. The pain was my first indication anything was wrong.

Please go see a doctor, get a biopsy. I would give ANYTHING for this horrible disease to have been found earlier. Next week I will finally have surgery, to remove all what is cancerous in me, the uterus, lymph nodes, etc. After that, the rest of it starts, radiation or chemo, again, depending on if doc determines it is uterine or cervical, in origination.

What makes it metastatic? That is when the cancer is actively growing and spreading beyond the primary site. In my case, the cancer is all over the womb and nearby lymphs and in the retriperitoneal lymphs, too, so it is advancing. Thankfully, it has not targeted other organs yet, like bowel, bladder, liver, bone, etc. So I still have a really good chance to fight this beast.

You will do great, but we, we can only be our own best advocates. Don't take "no" for an answer. Make sure YOU are comfortable with the decision and actions taken, and that it all has been explained clearly. Take notes. Bring someone with you to help catch all the details. Bring any questions, all written down, with you. You have these rights.

Take Care,

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