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my mother has been having problems with her uterus for about 8 months, she has been having bleedings on and off and last month she bled for a whole month. she has been going regularly for check ups and biopsies and no1 found out its cancer, finally she got sick and tired of bleeding and decided to remove her uterus....she had a surgery last week and she removed her uterus, ovaries and tubes, last night her GYN called us and said that her uterus results came back from the lab and that it has tested positive for cancer, however she said it has not spread to the outer wall of the uterus, it was only in the 1/2 inner wall of the uterus and has not spread anywhere else outside the inner walls of the uterus.
we have no history of cancer in our family and my mom doesnt know yet the results, the GYN wanted to speak to my father first as my mom is prone to panic and she would bring even more illness upon herself if we told her anything.
i am 25 and my mom is 50, i am currently stuck in a hospital bed, i have a broken femur and a deep vein thrombosis and im not allowed to move from the hospital therefore i cant go to hospitals and ask around. her GYN told my dad that from her experience my mom is cured as her uterus,ovaries and tubes are removed and cancer was not spread anywhere but she says shes not an oncologist and cant guarantee 100% that she is ok.
i just wanted someones opinion on what to expect and what to do, i wanna have her whole body tested for cancer, how do i go on about that? can a blood test show if she has cancer? what am i to do and is her case lethal?
any advice would help

i am quoting her results:

a uterus with cervix, tubes and ovaries was received. the uterus measures 7.5x6x2.5cm. the lining is thickened and polypoid. No invasion is seen in the wall . The abnormal lining is involving the upper part of the cervix , the cervix measures 3.5x2.5x1.5 cm and was unremarkable. the left ovary and tube measures 3.5x2x1cm and 4x1x0.5 cm respectively and appear normal. the right ovary and tube measures 4.5x2.5x2 and 4.5x1x0.5cm and appear normal.
Blocks were taken as follows :
1- cervix
2- left ovary and tube
3- right ovary and tube
4- representative sections from uterus lining
5- upper cervix

Microscopic description:
sections show an invasive well differentiated adenocarcinoma, invasion is into the inner 1/2 of the uterine wall. no lympho-vascular invasion is seen.
invasion into the cervix is seen
the ovaries and fallopian tubes appear normal

diagnosis : uterus, tubes and ovaries - invasive well differentiated adenocarcinoma
figo grade 1
involvement of upper cervix
normal fallopian tubes and ovaries

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