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I have been dealing with this issue for 7 months. It has not been a quick fix. I also have simple hyperplasia of endometrium no atypia. I developed this by having Hormone replacement therapy. I was in Menopause. I took the med.s that they said I needed because I still have my uterus. I think they gave me to much and no enough med.'s on this Hormone Replacement Therapy. I have bled so much that I ended up in the Hospital and received 2 units of blood. I still after 7 months still spot . Will this ever end????? I have studied this and have come to these conclusions: I should of never had these pellets of hormones inserted in my body. I was a big meat eater and consumed a lot of dairy as well. I do think that these is where it all began. So much hormones are in meat and dairy along with so many other bad stuff that it knocks a woman hormones that are in natural balance when eating a well balance meals , that it knocks our body into hormone imbalance that cause cancers and so many other women health problems. I've change my eating to all organic and taken out the meat and dairy . The hot flashes & all the other menopause problems that I had suffered with for several years has not returned . I do believe that is because of my new diet. Hang in , take you med.s and take care of yourself mentally & physically. Try to buy organic foods. I'm hoping & praying that I'm in the final stretch of this illness.[/QUOTE]

I soo appreciate your thoughtful reply. I thought no one would!

I think you are on to something with the elimination of meat and dairy. I don't eat a lot of dairy and WAS vegan for many years, but slipped back into old habits about three years ago. I am going to take your advice, it's a far healthier way to eat vegetarian altogethor anyway. Almonds and other foods and supplements take care of calcium and other nutrient needs.

As to hormone replacement therapy... I am not familiar with that you were on. From 46 yo to 49 yo I took Prempro, which as you probably know.. has both progesterone and estrogen in it. I began having some hot flashes and mood swings at about 46, so my doctor though that was a remedy. After I stopped taking Prempro, I resumed normal menstrual cycles just as I always had. For the next 3 years I had sporadic hot flashes, but really sailed through to menopause without much drama, then just stopped monthly cycles at 51 yo and that was that.

Since I entered menopause... nothing. No spotting, no problems of any kind. Sex life was normal life before and I wondered what all the hoopla was about that menopause was supposed to be so terrible. I thought it was great. I'd had six children, breastfed them all, last two at 41 and 43 yo, don't smoke or drink alcohol. I thought ok.. maybe I will be one of those who make it w/o breast cancer or cancer of reproductive organs.

The one risk factor though for what's happening now, is my weight. I AM very overweight. BUT... I always have been. I weigh the same now as I have for the last ten years. The gynecologist says its happening because of my weight. If that's true, then why has it taken 11 years to manifest itself? Also, does obesity grow polyps?

To tell you the truth I am not happy with the gynecologist I saw. She did a great job with the endometrial biopsy, but became snarky, kind of belligerant and flippant when I asked questions. Laughed off my worries. (This was before diagnosis, at the time of biopsy)

When I went in to be told the diagnosis, she told me to ask any questions I had, but I didn't ask any because she was walking around, like she was just too busy to be bothered. Frankly... some women doctors are as or more rude to other women ... any man. I am not convinced I want to continue with her and want a second opinion anyway.

It's one thing for a doctor to consider polyps, 15 mm endometrial lining, heavy bleeding and sometimes very severe cramping, clots... no big deal, just deal with it attitude to a patient, but for me and my family... children and grandchildren ... this was and still is...a very big deal. How could we know it was not cancer? How can we know what is in store when I have the D & C? And, if I lose all my excess weight will this problem, the polyps and hyperplasia go away and not come back??

I DO have questions and you have answered some of them. Like.. lifestyle and diet choices, estrogen therapy. I'd never heard of being overweight as a risk factor for hyperplasia and polyps. And I've known a LOT of overweight women in my lifetime! 11 years no bleeding of any kind and now it hits me? Seems odd and just... unlikely as the sole explanation.

I have been off estrogen/progesterone therapy for 13 years and rarely eat red meat. My diet has been mostly chicken and fish, but not I feel I must go off of that too. I rarely drink milk, but do take 2000 mg Vitamin D3 everyday. I probably would eat those things if we could afford it.

Also... I am not looking forward to this becoming a chronic problem. Constant, never ending bleeding at my age and with my disability is a huge issue. I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, have to use a walker to get around, my hands are badly deformed and I have high blood pressure that is just barely controlled with 3 medications. I wonder why the medical profession does not promote a complete hysterectomy for women in menopause with this problem, if it's not resolved by D & C? Seems the safest, most cost effective thing to do, since one D & C after another can't be good for you.

Also... if my weight is the problem, why aren't my doctors interested in having me lose weight? NONE of them ever mention it.

I'm very confused about why I have to wait 2 months to have the D & C, why this heavy bleeding and painful cramping is not something to be concerned about. I feel like I've just been dismissed as a nuisance rather than a real person with a medical problem that affects not just me, but my whole family.

Sorry this was long! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Prayers and best wishes to you!

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