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We have very similar concerns. I contacted my doctor because of break through bleeding. Was marking this to be pre-menopause (I'm 45). Doctor did an exam and said my uterus was enlarged and sent me for an ultrasound. Test showed that the uterus was the right size for (4) children but lining was too thick 17mm. He did a biopsy the other day and said he doesn't suspect cancer. Said my uterus hasn't been shedding all the lining and has been building up for the past 13 years (last child). Had to pull a lot of old blood before he got what he wanted for the biopsy. But I guess I'm just educating myself too much via the Internet. Like you all signs are leading to pre-cancer. I have fullness of the abdominal. Pain near my rectum (doctor said because my uterus is so heavy it might be sitting on my rectum) I have endometriosis and had an ovarian cyst during the ultrasound. He mentioned that I'm a good candidate for the ablation, but the more I read I think I just want it all out. Does that seem too radical?? Patience for the results (especially with the delay because of the Christmas holiday) isnt one of my strong points! If you have any advice would love to hear back!!!

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