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[QUOTE=majorse7en;4932329]Hello....I am a 58 year old postmenopausal woman. I had a pelvic ultrasound in December that showed a 17mm endometrial lining. The doctor I saw did a biopsy and told me it was ok but that she wanted to do a D and C in a few months. I contacted a different doctor for a second opinion who suggested I go on Provera for 10 days to cause me to have a period. I took the Provera for the first 10 days of February and still NO period. Has anyone else had this problem? I had colon cancer in 2007 and am worried about it spreading to the uterus. I'm thinking I just may need to have a complete hysterectomy. Oh, the second doctor reviewed my biopsy and mentioned atypia. She also suggesoted a hysteroscopy and D and C. I have hread other posts about a thick lining but with bleeding. I have had NO bleeding whatsoever. Anyone else have this problem?[/QUOTE]
Hi, three years ago I had a little spotting and that shouldn't happen after menopause. I was 60 yrs old and 100 lbs over weight when this started. Doctor said the fat cells were producing too much estrogen that was pouring into my uterus. With the endometrial lining being a 17 and the biopsy showing hyperplasia and atypia cells, the doctor did a D&C, put me on megace for a year and half. After another ultra scan that showed the lining wasn't thick and the biopsy showed complex hyperplasia, he was going to treat me like all his other patients. Approx. 10 months later I had a little spotting. Decided it was getting serious, as the doctor told me if this is left untreated would turn into uterine cancer. The doctor I was going to at the time didn't want to do a hysterectomy because of a chance of blood clots. Decided to change doctors and go to the doctor that delivered my childen. He's 80 yrs old. Had all my files sent to him. He said that he agreed with my first doctors treatment, but after another ultra scan showed the lining now a 20 and the biopsy showed cells that was one step from uterine cancer (atypia cells), we talked about surgery. My total hysterectony was done June 7, and I am now recovering. I had three doctors during surgery. My doctor explained after being put to sleep, a D&C would be done, sent down to pathology to be frozen tested. Testing showed no cancer. Did the total hysterectomy - doctor called June 15 and told me the final testing showed malignant cells. Since the malignant cells was not in 50 percent of the lining, no futher treatment is necessary. A few things I suggest - if you have surgery, be sure and ask them to give you a stool softener. The pain medicine will cause severe constipation. When getting out of bed, roll on your side (my husband helped putting my legs down or up on the bed) and push with your hands on the bed as you start to sit up.

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