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I got a call from my doctor and I have endometrial cells on my pap results. I am 41 so this is an issue. She had me come in for an ultrasound. My lining is 4 mm which is good and I have a fibroid that is 4 cm. I have to go back in 4-6 months for a re-pap. If its still there I have to have an endometrial biopsy. This being said, I am freaking out. Over the past few years, I almost lost my son before he was born due to issues, I had glandular cells on my pap while pregnant, they did go away, thankfully. I had preeclampsia that turned into postpartum preeclampsia which landed me in the ER and then to cardiologist to try and stabilize my blood pressure and put me through a bunch of tests. There were days I thought I wasn't going to make it. The stress and anziety was so bad I ended up on Wellbutrin. Recently my son was evaluated due to developmental delays and they are trying to push autism. One of his issues is he still wakes 4-6 times a night so i havent slept through the night for over 2 years, i am sooooo tired. So then I get this call and went into panic mode. I felt a little better after the ultrasound but I keep reading and reading and the anziety is building. I have had such bad luck I expect I will need the endometrial biopsy. I am terrified of it.

The tenaculum looks like a torture device. Why on earth don't they sedate you! I have a tight cervix from cryosurgery I had at 17. I also had a c-section so no dilation ever. They will not have an easy time doing this biopsy if they need to. So now I am torn between being afraid of the test and afraid I have cancer in me. Will waiting a few months put me at risk? Did anyone have a re-pap and how was it? The endometrial biopsy was really bad wasn't it? What exactly does it feel like? I just need a break. I need sleep and to know I'm ok. Any advice? What was your experience?
So sorry for all the stressful experiences you have gone through, your story sounds quite familiar in certain parts. I too developed super high blood pressure during my pregnancy, which ended up being very difficult to treat, but I have finally got into great control. I encourage you to stick with your doctors plan to get your BP under control as quickly and carefully as possible, and stay with that care without fail. I did not do that, and ended up having strokes years later from the uncontrollable BP. You can avoid that by keeping your BP in control.

Please dont let the idea of the test scare you. The anticipation is always WAY worse than the actual procedure. Piece of cake, just get it done and get on with your treatment, what ever it turns out to be. We really are lucky to have all the technology on our side, and have it way easier that our mothers and grandmothers.

I have been living with endometriosis for about 15 years now, but have finally gotten to the verge of menopause, and things have really settled down a lot. There was a point I was seeing a pain specialist to control my pain, but I was inoperable due to the strokes, and the kidney failure that came with them. None of this is to say your experience will be like mine, in fact you can keep yourself safe from all this just by keeping that BP in good shape.

Wishing you the best!
My mother just had an endometrial biopsy done 2 weeks ago. She too, was terrified of the test due to what she read on the internet. I sat next to her and held her hand through the entire thing and trust me when I say this... it was no big deal. She also had cryosurgery when she had my brother years ago so they had difficulty getting in there, but she said she felt nothing. She said it was "like a little more pressure than a pap test." Just make sure the doctor you go to is using the thin plastic tube to perform the test. She also took 2 Motrin tablets before taking the test as well. Maybe that helped.

Sadly my mother's biopsy came back positive for cancer... we are in the throws of taking the next steps at this point. For you, if you are worried you may have it too... just be aware of the signs. Bleeding that is not due to your period, cramping and watery discharge. You are not at the age that they consider "high risk" either. I would just follow your doctors advice and go in for the repap in a few months. And don't be afraid of the unknown. Like I have been saying to my mother this whole time... only react to the facts. And right now... the facts are that you are fine!

Prayers and strength to you...

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