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Hi, I'm 50 now and still having periods pretty regular except my last cycle was 10 days longer than it's ever been. I guess I'm starting to go thru the change since my periods are becoming irregular and I'm having a few hot flashes. Anyway, I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my 20's, had a hard time with infertility but finally had one beautiful child. I have had several ultrasounds over the years and they have always showed a thickened endometrium so I've had several endometrial biopsies over the years and one D and C because my gyno was concerned about the thickened lining. I had my annual pap smear a couple months ago and the doctor said what he almost always says "have we talked about fibroids, your uterus feels enlarged". Every few years he'll send me for an ultrasound like last month and there were no fibroids but a thickened lining as usual. He wanted to do a biopsy. I asked if maybe it was thick because I was a week late on my period when the ultrasound was done. He still wanted to do the biopsy. Well I've had many over the years some without medication before hand and they were bad but I got thru. I had one 3 years ago and he told me to take lortab one hour before. It was still really painful but I got thru it. The lortab made me throw up for several hours afterwards. Pain meds make me sick. So this time I took 3 motrin and a xanax to relax me before the biopsy. OMG, it was horrible. I know that in the last couple years I have gotten really tender inside. Sexual intercourse is even painful for me. I guess maybe because my hormones are changing. Anyway, I heard him say he was going to try it without the clamp and I was talking to the nurse trying to relax, and then all of a sudden I felt the worse "poke" up there I have ever felt and I literally screamed in pain. I have never screamed like that before, not even during labor pains. It was so painful. I then had tears running down my face. The doctor knew he couldn't continue and so he didn't get his sample. I guess I should have taken the lortab but I don't know if that would have even helped with that pain. I was upset because now I have to have a D and C next week. Has anyone ever had that much pain before?

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