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Endometrial fluid?
Jun 23, 2012
I have been having discomfort in my vagina mostly while sitting or bending over, so I went to the gynecologist. After an exam he treated me for a bacterial infection. That treatment didn't work after 2 medications and I still have the same pain. The tests did come back showing it was not an infection at all. To describe that pain is the feeling of an incorrectly placed tampon. Just an uncomfortable feeling.

After the results came back negative for infection, he prescribed a transvaginal u/s and pelvic u/s both of which showed everything being of normal size except a significant amount of fluid in the endometrial canal.
He now wants me to wait 2 menstrual cycles and go back and have those 2 ultrasounds redone to see if the fluid is still present.

I am almost 53, still on the pill, still get a monthly period, although very light, have no symptoms of menopause and no symptoms of cancer other than a discharge once in a while since I have been having this pain, which has been almost 9 weeks now.

I am very concerned that this could be cancer but I also don't know how the vaginal discomfort plays a role in this.

I was suppose to see him yesterday and he got called out on an emergency so my appointment is rescheduled for 1-1/2 weeks from now. I think I will be a nervous wreck for most of this summer not knowing what is going on until I talk with him and then until after the 2nd ultrasound which probably won't be until August. :confused:

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