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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]Short history: 69 yo post-menopausal. When I was called in for my hysteroscopy/emb due to pelvic u/s findings, I realized the table was regular gyn and not the chair used for patients with retroverted uterus, which I have. My regular gyn doesn't do those procedures, so I had to see other gyn in practice. Not only is the retroverted uterus noted in my file and also on the u/s report, I told the nurse AND the gyn about it and said I always had to use the tilt chair for pelvic exams, etc. They told me the treatment room didn't have the chair. So.....many painful minutes later, I was told the gyn could not get the camera into the uterus and so did the emb "blind".

It is now 9 days later and the biopsy resulted in insufficient samples. I was told the procedure would have to be done again. I asked how this would be accomplished since they couldn't get the camera in the first time and I was not happy they did not use the chair. The nurse said she would tell the gyn my concerns and call me back. (NO callback from two days ago)

I did not have bleeding after procedure. But 4 days later started light spotting, which has steadily been increasing over the last 5 days. I am trying not to freak out, but have hx of BC and 5 yrs of tamoxifen treatment.

Is anyone out there who has possibly shared this type of experience? Is this bleeding "normal"? What about having to redo the hysteroscopy?

Thanks!:confused:: [/SIZE][/FONT]

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