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Hello everyone. I just had an endo biopsy yesterday after a couple years of HEAVY bleeding, bleeding between periods, odd discharge, pelvic pain.

I am 36 have 3 children and was told from numerous ultrasounds that I had fibroids causing this, but despite my concerns about cancer I was blown off and a biopsy not done until I found a new gyn.

My question is this...during the biopsy the doc and tech were talking out loud and mentioned that they were getting back ALOT of tissue and what looked like blood vessels mixed in the samples. My uterine lining was 19mm on ultrasound. I'm a bit freaked now as the doc made it clear that what she got back on biopsy did not look like what she was used to getting...

I don't go back for results for 2 weeks. Anyone else have this type of experience, or told their biopsy looked abnormal even to the naked eye?

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