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Yes it is nice to have someone else who understands the waiting. As for the sample being just tissue from a young person...the Dr. and the tech were talking and one of the two of them (I'm not sure which since I was screaming in pain) said "what is up with that", or something to that effect then the other one mentioned there were blood vessels attached too. So I'd love to be able to accept that it was because I was young, but no such luck. :(

Still haven't heard anything. I had seen others who go their results in just a few days when it was cancer and was feeling hopeful about the fact that I hadn't heard anything yet. Guess I'll just have to keep waiting...

I called my doc office today to inquire about the biopsy results instead of waiting due to conflict with my scheduled appt next week. The nurse proceeded to tell that she wouldn't give me my results over the phone. I explained I started training for a new job monday and am not allowed to miss any time for 4 weeks.

She hesitated and told me that my pathology came back benign for now, but the results still need to be addressed very soon with my doctor. She didn't read me the actual report or tell me what it said.

The best I can guess from this is hyperplasia? Ugh, not sure how I'm going to find out any sooner than 4 weeks from now...

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