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Enlarged uterus
May 27, 2012
I am just surfing through her for information. I have been having issues with my montly for over a year. I took birth control to help and it did, initially. Then stopped. So my monthly last about 20 days give or take a month. :( Very frustrating. My regular obgyn said it was nothing to worry about and to double up on the b.c. pills for a few days. Needless to I decided to go to a new doctor. He said my uterus was enlarged to that of a 8 to 10 week pregnancy! I am fixed so no worries there. I went back for a biopsy on 5.24.12 and am awaiting the results. I am so worried expecting the worst. I dont know what's going to happen or what can cause all this. Just anxious to get it behind me. My old obgyn did an ultra sound (after I asked) about 6 months ago and said everything looked fine. I dont know what the biopsy might can pick up that an utra sound can't.
Is there any questions I should ask when I go back? Is it a usual thing for someone with an enlarged uterus to have a hysterectomy? I am interested in the "ablation" by novasure to stop my monthly cycle, but am just wanting all the information I can get.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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