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the gyn said i have enurailmetrial hysplacer before he did a d and c hyscophy and fitted a coil
all he said when he see me after the opp i had no fibroids or polyips everythink else looked normal apart for the wall lining was very very thick and has took byopsys and sent then to the lab for testing
i have scince descovered by reserching on theinternet thay hysplasia is pre cancers sells
know im panicking and think i wont a hysterecyomey

i am 31 years old
have had very heavy bleeding plus spoting inbetween so much so i am anymic through it

very painfel lower abdomial pelvic cramps
i started my perierds early at 11
have polysistic overys
am obese 3 stone over weight
have never been pregnent
had hornmone imbalance alot of estrigern levels
plus my liver function test was high at 126
tbh i think i will have endometrial cancer
but if it comes back as hysplasia i think i still wont a hysterectomey i just dont wont the risk of it terning into cancer
what do you all think
any help and advice apresiated maney thanks

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