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Amigo1....did your doc say what type of hyperplasia you had (ie: simple, complex..with or without atypia)?

Simple and even complex hyperplasia without atypia can be treated with progesterone pills and will thin the lining down. A hysterectomy is not needed....though your doc will likely want another ultrasound and biopsy (usually done in office nowadays) to make sure that they lining has thinned. Hyperplasia without atypia...especially simple hyperplasia, rarely goes to cancer.

Hyperplasia with atypia, has a great likelihood of going to cancer so a hysterectomy is usually recommended strongly.

It sounds to me as though you likely have simple hyperplasia without atypia and that's why there's no big push to get a hysterectomy done at the moment.

He/she likely inserted the coil to prevent further regrowth of the lining.

You need to ask your doc what type of hyperplasia it was. It seems that is why he inserted the coil and likely does NOT think it's pre-cancerous or he'd be heading you for the O.R. to do a hysterectomy...not insert a coil.

Also, just to mention, excess weight (I'm there too) holds and produces excess estrogen so, losing weight safely and slowly will help hyperplasia from reforming since estrogen stimulates the lining to grow/thicken and therefore, causes this extra bleeding, heavy bleeding etc.

I would think that your doc would answer your questions instead of leaving you wondering like this. Give him a call and talk to him, telling him that you're concerned. I'm sure that he knows what he's doing but, needs to explain it to you so that you can understand better. Also...take someone else with you if you're going to see him in person. It always helps to have another pair of ears when you're scared. We sometimes miss asking questions or don't hear everything when we're scared.

HUGS to you as I know this worry all too well.

Please update us.

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