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I want to share this with you--I want to thank God for all things, I am still going through but God got this. I went to doctors because I was bleeding alot and became anemic and had lower belly pain, bloating, after getting a D & C. And ultrasound, Biopsy.I was told I had a very thick lining 8mm. And the doctor was afraid it may be cancer. My world flashed by me so fast. I felt helpless and alone, scared and although I have love ones. Not even they could comfort me. I prayed to my God because he held my life in his hands. After all tests I was told that I have cancer cells (endometrial). And I am taking meds right now to see if it kills the cells. If not I will have to have a hysterectomy surgery. Either way. I caught the cancer before it could start. Doctor said I DO NOT HAVE CANCER they voiced this to me over and over to make sure i heard them. That i have cancer cells..thank you God. God is good all the time. Please pray that the pills will do it's job.the pills i'm taking is Megestrol Acetate 40mg once a day before meals

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