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I want to share this with you--I want to thank God for all things, I am still going through but God got this. I went to doctors because I was bleeding alot and became anemic and had lower belly pain, bloating, after getting a D & C. And ultrasound, Biopsy.I was told I had a very thick lining. And the doctor was afraid it may be cancer. My world flashed by me so fast. I felt helpless and alone, scared and although I have love ones. Not even they could comfort me. I prayed to my God because he held my life in his hands. After all tests I was told that I have cancer cells (endometrial). And I am taking meds right now to see if it kills the cells. If not I will have to have a hysterectomy surgery. Either way. I caught the cancer before it could start. Doctor said I DO NOT HAVE CANCER they voiced this to me over and over to make sure i heard them. That i have cancer cells..thank you God. God is good all the time. Please pray that the pills will do it's job.the pills i'm taking is Megestrol Acetate 40mg once a day before meals
Thank you so much for sharing. I pray that The pills will take care of the cancer and that God will keep you strong and give you peace through this whole experience. Your right God is good all the time. He will take care of you and he is always in control.
Thank you so much Scali, and I pray your journey is a complete recovery also. God hears your prayers and will take care of you too
That's wonderful news Scali, God is Good. thanks I have faith that i will be ok too. Thank you and God Bless
Scali I'm so happy for you lol and don't even know you. lol This morning I went to doctor and it's good news. he did a internal ultrasound and he was happy that the lining is getting thinner. he said it started at 12mm. woooo i thought it was a 8. but he said no 12mm and now it's a 3 or 4. so he was very pleased. next month he will do another D&C and take another check cells again. Scali thank you for letting me talk. it really helps to talk to others who have similar stories. thank you and God Bless

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