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Hello, I'm 44 and have been having some heavy periods the past year or so. I also have had some bleeding in between cycles. So I mentioned this to my PCP in Nov during my yearly physical. He sent me for an ultra sound, when it came back he said "it's most likely normal" however he wanted me to see a GYN to be sure. So I really didn't think much about it. Two weeks ago I went to see the GYN who looked at my ultra sound and said my uterus had a lot of thickening and that he wanted to biopsy.

So Friday I had the biopsy (OUCH), and now here I sit worried. The NP did the biopsy and said "things looked healthy" in there, but I know that doesn't mean anything.

The Dr two weeks ago talked about the EA to help with the heavy periods,however that was before he looked at the ultra sound results and if there's abnormal cells--- right this moment I think I want the whole thing taken out!

I also have had diabetes for 10-12 years (which can also contribute to thickening) and I'm about 60lbs over weight.

Just wondering from those of you that had this "thickening" issue did you end up doing the hysterectomy? Or some other treatment plan?

Thanks in advance

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