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I'm 52 years old and had some labs done last week that show that I'm post menopausal (FSH level was 32).

2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Simple Hyperplasia Without Atypia.
I was put on medroxyprogesterone and have had ultrasounds every six months to monitor the endrimetrial lining thickness.

I recently decided to try a different GYN, (I like the one I've been seeing for the past 2.5 years - but it is quite a drive from my house and wanted to consider someone closer to home). I knew she would probably want to do her own ultrasound.

She did an ultrasound and came back and said that my lining was way to thick for someone post menopausal, that she saw a polyp on my uterus, that she also saw a fibroid on the right side (I just had a CT Scan in November and no mention of fibroid or cyst and I had a MRE/Pelvic MRI last month and no mention of either) and a fluid filled mass in my cervix and said that was mentioned in my original ultrasound done at John Hopkins in 2010.

My endrimetrial lining was 5mm.

This new GYN wants to do a hysterscopy immediately.

I had a ultrasound done at old GYN's office in October and it was 5mm thick then...He did labs in May 2012 and I was not yet I've apparently gone thru menopause within the past 6 months...????

So, who do I believe and which way do I go?????

I do feel this new ultrasound tech was thorough - she did poke around quite a bit...I think the other tech was just checking the lining thickness. I also feel that she didn't really look at the ovaries and poke around because mine seem hard to see and I don't think she wants to hurt you or make you uncomfortable....

Do I go ahead and let this new GYN do the hysterscopy (She wants to do some biopsies and see what's going on)?????? Do I call the current/old GYN and tell him what she saw and see what his opinion is??????????????????
YES SEE THIS NEW DOCTOR. A SECOND OPINION MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.I want to share this with you--I want to thank God for all things, I am still going through but God got this. I went to doctors because I was bleeding a lot and became anemic and had lower belly pain, bloating, after getting a D & C. And ultrasound, Biopsy.I was told I had a very thick lining 8mm. And the doctor was afraid it may be cancer. My world flashed by me so fast. I felt helpless and alone, scared and although I have love ones. Not even they could comfort me. I prayed to my God because he held my life in his hands. After all tests I was told that I have cancer cells (endometrial). And I am taking meds right now to see if it kills the cells. If not I will have to have a hysterectomy surgery. Either way. I caught the cancer before it could start. Doctor said I DO NOT HAVE CANCER they voiced this to me over and over to make sure i heard them. That i have cancer cells..thank you God. God is good all the time. Please pray that the pills will do it's job.the pills i'm taking is Megestrol Acetate 40mg once a day before meals
Good luck - pray that you have a good outcome.

I had too many cells, but they are noncancerous...

I've had no bleeding...and my endrmetrial lining is at 5mm....I thought I read that was within normal limits so I was surprised that she seemed alarmed at how thick it is.
I think i would go for this second opinion, it will take up your time but also tell you whats up. doc told me i was at 12 mm but now is 3 or 4 mm. he will do another D & C soon etc . anyways good luck hope everything works out for you.
Hi Everyone,

This Dr. that I had gone to wated to do a hysterscopy. I went ahead and went through with it.

She took four samples of the lining for biopsy. It came back as atrophic - meaning it's thin, which is what we want - post menapaual.

She told me to stop taking the progesterone and she would do an additional biopsy in three months. If no changes, then I can officially say I no longer have hyperplasia.

As far as the fibroids - she said the one I've had since 2010 hasn't changed and that short of hysterectomy, there's nothing they can do about fibroids.

She seems to think there's no need to continue semi annual ultrasounds - just back to annual pelvic exams and pap smears.
that's great news Blubird. congrats to you. thanks for sharing, it helps others like me and give hope for a wonderful out come like yours. thanks

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