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I'm 52 years old and had some labs done last week that show that I'm post menopausal (FSH level was 32).

2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Simple Hyperplasia Without Atypia.
I was put on medroxyprogesterone and have had ultrasounds every six months to monitor the endrimetrial lining thickness.

I recently decided to try a different GYN, (I like the one I've been seeing for the past 2.5 years - but it is quite a drive from my house and wanted to consider someone closer to home). I knew she would probably want to do her own ultrasound.

She did an ultrasound and came back and said that my lining was way to thick for someone post menopausal, that she saw a polyp on my uterus, that she also saw a fibroid on the right side (I just had a CT Scan in November and no mention of fibroid or cyst and I had a MRE/Pelvic MRI last month and no mention of either) and a fluid filled mass in my cervix and said that was mentioned in my original ultrasound done at John Hopkins in 2010.

My endrimetrial lining was 5mm.

This new GYN wants to do a hysterscopy immediately.

I had a ultrasound done at old GYN's office in October and it was 5mm thick then...He did labs in May 2012 and I was not yet I've apparently gone thru menopause within the past 6 months...????

So, who do I believe and which way do I go?????

I do feel this new ultrasound tech was thorough - she did poke around quite a bit...I think the other tech was just checking the lining thickness. I also feel that she didn't really look at the ovaries and poke around because mine seem hard to see and I don't think she wants to hurt you or make you uncomfortable....

Do I go ahead and let this new GYN do the hysterscopy (She wants to do some biopsies and see what's going on)?????? Do I call the current/old GYN and tell him what she saw and see what his opinion is??????????????????

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