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Re: Is it possible?
Mar 16, 2013
There's always chance for error but I thought the endometrial and cervical biopsies were very accurate. But, as far as ovarian cancer, there's no definitive test. The CA-125 (blood test) isn't accurate in diagnosing ovarian cancer. It seems the transvaginal ultrasound (I assume it wasn't just a regular ultrasound) should have shown the cysts to be suspicious looking (possible cancer). In my opinion, at that point, he should have referred her to an oncologist to do the surgery and not done it himself and then had to "scramble" to bring in an oncologist. But that probably wouldn't have changed her prognosis since it was already so far advanced.

Ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer are all quite rare. From everything I've read, uterine (a.k.a. endometrial) and cervical cancers are slow growing so if preventative exams are done, any abnormalities can usually be monitored and then, if necessary, treated conservatively (no removal of organs needed).

Mildly abnormal cervical tissue (mild dysplasia) oftentimes reverts to normal without ANY treatment. This is why pap smear guidelines have changed to every 3 years versus every year. They discovered that doing them every year was causing overtreatment resulting in harm as well as unnecessary costs. Also, it's recommended that abnormal pap smears be repeated once or twice (don't recall how many months apart) before treating since there are harmless conditions that can cause an abnormal pap plus the abnormal cells oftentimes revert to normal.

For endometrial hyperplasia (diagnosed via biopsy), medical treatment (usually with a progestin) is SUPPOSED to be the first-line treatment since that oftentimes cures it.

I didn't have cancer but my gynecologist removed my parts anyway and every aspect of my health has suffered horribly ever since. And ironically, hysterectomy increases risk of kidney and thyroid cancer. And, you can still get ovarian cancer even without ovaries. I know a woman who had OC cells in her colon but not in her ovaries.

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