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Yesterday, during a routine pelvic exam, my doctor discovered my uterus is larger than it should be. She is sending me for a vaginal ultrasound to find out why it is growing. I am through menopause, haven't had a period in 5 years. I haven't had any blood in vaginal discharge. My stomach is swollen and bloated, but that's always been a problem....don't know whether that counts as a symptom or not. She said it could possibly be a fibroid tumor. Just wondering if anybody else has had this happen and what was the cause? I never had fibroids before menopause, and didn't think they were possible after menopause. I should have asked my doctor, but I was so surprised I really didn't grasp the info until today. I'm not liking what I'm reading on the internet......and would like anybody who's had this happen try to explain what could be going on.

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