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For years I have had problems with my uterus and ovaries. I have had ovarian cysts, endometriosis, dnc, lupron depo shot ( i had an allergic reaction to the shot geez). Now I am having very watery discharge, sometimes milky. My last period lasted almost 3 weeks. It smelled like death. For years I have begged different docs to take the uterus out. No one would. they would say no. The insurance company wont let us. Regulations wont let us. Youre too young. You have to be over 40. I went to the doc friday. He also gave me a sonogram. My uterus is twice the normal size. There is also a gland that is 1 inch bigger than normal. There is also a black spot in this gland. I am so mad. Why didnt any of these docs listen? I am now facing a possibility of cancer because of rules and regulations! I am so angry! The doctor also said that the lining is pretty thick. He gave me a prescription for provera to hopefully clean the uterine lining and get it thinned out and hoping that my uterus will go back to normal. My left ovary is no longer working. So basically i guess I am premenopausal at age 36. I was told I would start menopause early. I started my periods right before my 13th birthday. I woke up covered in blood from my chest to my knees. The futon mattress, blankets, sheets, clothes all were ruined. The day before I was at the er bacause of pelvic pain, The doc said i was constapated. GRRRR. The only normal part was my age, but things were not normal from the start. I am so mad. Any info you have would be great. Im sorry im so mad. Thank You.

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