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I was in full menopause for 4 years having a pretty easy time of it except for moderate hot flashes in summer (no night sweats or any other issues). Then, suddenly, in February of this year I began spotting which lasted for 5 days. In addition, I've also had severe abdominal (gassy-like) cramping off and on as well as vague pelvic pain that comes and goes. I eat a very healthy diet and cramping is not normal for me.

In mid-March (exactly 30 days later) I awoke with moderately heavy bleeding and menstrual-like cramps! Bleeding lasted 12 days (the last 2 light spotting). Exactly 3 days after that stopped, I started bleeding again, again moderately heavy and lasting 12 days.

After the 3rd time I saw my doctor who attempted a uterine biopsy in her office and scheduled an ultrasound. She was unable to do the biopsy due to excruciating pain because my cervix would not open (I am childless). She referred me to an OB-GYN who attempted it with 3 shots of Lidocaine - she too was unsuccessful and I am now scheduled for an outpatient biopsy with D&C and hysteroscopy.

I am not worried (yet) but I'm curious: [B]Can [I]intermittent [/I] (on and off) post-menopausal bleeding be a sign of cancer?[/B] It seems to me that bleeding would not stop if cancer is present. I'd like to know others' experiences so I can be informed and know what to anticipate or ask during my next doctor appointment to review the US findings.

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