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I wanted to share my experience, as I have seen so many posts about having a thick endemetrium lining, and I too was terrified that I had cancer. I started combined HRT at 51 due to horrible hot flashes. MY GYN did an Transvaginal after 6 months on the HRT, and indicated my lining was too thick at 8 mm. She changed my meds to see if that would have an effect, but three months later no change, so I went for a biopsy. Thankfully it was negative, but she said we need to monitor it. I needed to change GYNs due to my insurance, and found another great doctor as well. As HRT changes your lining thickness, I was weaned off the HRT first and after 3 more months had another Transvaginal - now the lining was 14mm! After looking on line, I was conivnced I had cancer. My new GYN did a biopsy and it came was negative- just a polp. So I do need to have a D&C, which I will go for in a few weeks Just because you have a thick lining DOES NOT MEAN CANCER! First, make sure you see a GYN every year. While there are some great general practice doctors -EVERY woman should see a GYN for a yearly exam. This is their speciality! Do not put off going because you are afraid or cant afford it. If you dont have insurance, call your local health department and find a clinic. If you experience any symptons - bleeding that you normally do not have, pain after sex, a discharge, etc. call your doctor and insist you are seen as soon as possible. Take control of your health - there are people that love and need you. :)

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