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Hello :) I am new to the board. I recently posted on the board for ovarian and cervical issues. I have a question about whether or not I need an endometrial biopsy or not... or other tests. Thanks for listening and for any advice.

Here's my quick story: I am in my mid-thirties, have one child and a history of likely PCOS, ovarian tumors, borderline ovarian cancer, and a current pap showing atypical glandular cells. I get a checkup with a gyn/onc twice a year. My recent ultrasound was good. It only showed a weakness in the muscles where I have chronic pain. Soon I'll get a CT scan for that.

Today I had a colposcopy, ECC, and biopsy of the cervix. My doctor said I'm too young to do an endometrial biopsy. Is this true? I didn't stress my recent breakthrough bleeding (I'm on the pill) a few months ago, that I may have PCOS and that I'm almost 35 years old (age when they do more tests). If my biopsy and results come back good, do I still ask for this next step in case something is missed? I worry a lot and would likely wait another 6 months until my next checkup in a state of constant anxiety.

Thanks for any thoughts. :)

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