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Hi I've been having bleeding in
between periods since July but also
had it a couple of years ago for about
6 months. I had smear tests etc back
In 2011 all was ok and I was told I
Had an erosion too. I also had a pelvic
Scan and the uterus lining was 15mm
But I was told all was ok. Bleeding
Stopped but then it started about 5
Months ago it's light and usually starts
a few days after my period has
Finished and lasts a few days.
I went to the doctors a couple
Of weeks ago the doctor looked at my
Cervix and she said that was clear
then she booked me in for another
pelvic Scan I had that 2 weeks
ago and the Uterus lining was
19mm I've got to See a
gynae tomorrow and I've been
Told I'll probably have to have a
hysteroscopy or d&c.
I'am 35 I have 9 children 7 normal
Births and 2 by c-section.
I have been so worried and keep going
Online and that's gets me even more
Worried. Has anyone else been through
This or can give me any advice
Thank you
How did your gyn appointment go?

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