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I am 52 . After my tubal at 43, my periods, while regular, would start out with spotting for a couple days, usually 4 or 5, then I would get my full period for about 5-6 more. Have had ultrasounds over the years, including one directly after I finished my period to check out the longer periods, and results were normal, so didn't need a biopsy (lining was very thin and homogeneous). He was looking for signs of a polyp or other irregularity. Each month prior to these last two, I'd have significant breast tenderness and signs of PMS. My periods were always 25-28 days apart and followed the same pattern.

These past two months have been a bit odd. No breast tenderness in late/Oct/Nov period. but normal type of flow/pattern. 25 days later I spotted and figured I was starting. Spotted very little that day and then nothing for 9 more days. On the 10th day (so that would be the 35th day since my last period, I started my period. No spotting, right into flow. No breast tenderness or PMS symptoms in December either. Stopped my flow after six days - flow was lighter than usual, but consistent. Imagine my surprise when 9 days later I started my period again. I'm on the 3rd day. This is a flow, not spotting.

So this current period started exactly 14 days after the start of the last one. Dead mid-cycle. After an unusually late cycle (35 days).

Given my age and the fact that there were none of my normal pre-period flags, I'm assuming this is due to lack of progesterone, i.e. peri-menopause leading to menopause. I have also been under a significant amount of stress these past two month (Nov and Dec) due to the holidays. Enough to cause a couple panic attacks, which I haven't seen in years.

My plan is to see what happens next month and if this pattern continues, OR the bleeding does not stop, to call my gyn and start the ball rolling for testing. If he suggests a uterine biopsy, I'm not keen on having it done in-office due to the pain factor, and will probably ask to be put under for a D&C/biopsy/scope. My feeling is if it's a polyp, a blind biopsy could miss it anyway. I guess I could get through an in-office biopsy with copious amounts of valium (or a jug of wine :-))

Anyone else have these issues at my age? Very frustrating!

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