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[QUOTE=STLouisgal;5273776]I am sorry you are going through this! It is fairly common for the lining to thicken during perimenopause due to lack of ovulation hence missed periods (as a result of reduced progesterone production). But the body usually does a good job of thinning out the lining on its own before menopause. And if it doesn't, a prescription of progesterone or a progestin typically does the trick. Endometrial cancer is quite rare with lifetime risk of only 2.7%. So try to focus on the fact that this is more than likely nothing serious. Hang in there and I hope to hear good results soon![/QUOTE]

Hi StLouisgal, your words are very helpful, as this is what the gyno said. It's the ruling out part because of thickening and post-coital / vag irritation from intercourse though I've dealt with that many times in our married life. Thankful that I do have to have cancer ruled out and am trying, trying so hard to think positive. Will focus on your comments and will update all of you kind, empathetic women who have given me amazing emotional support- thankful for this site and all of you

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