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I just had a biopsy of the uterus two days ago after I got my results back from the Trans Vaginal/Pelvic Ultrasound. I was having breakthrough bleeding from June of last year till about two months ago. They discovered I had some thickening of the uterus & wanted to do a biopsy. She asked if I wanted to do the D&C or the biopsy so we decided to do the biopsy since I had a regular period this past month. My period before that was twice in one month and prior all the time. They want to rule out cancer and to see why I was bleeding so much. I was on the depo provera shot for three months and that's when the bleeding started. Then I went on two birth control pills and I bled with those as well. She doesn't think it is because of the birth control. I am not longer on any birth control. Can anyone relate to this? I won't have the biopsy results back for ten days & they already gave me a script to get another ultrasound done in six weeks.


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