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What to do ?
Jun 6, 2014
Hi all,
Last jan I had a Pap test which came back with abnormal cells in my uterus.. I then had a leep which came back with the results of AIS. The doc did say that the leep did get all abnormal cells but if they dug a bit further there could be more abnormal cells . He explained it like it was skipping cells ..normal now but further up the uterus is more abnormal ones!!
My obgyn suggested a hysterectomy.. He said to think about it and go back to see him in couple of wks. He said this wasn't my only option but it was the safest. I asked him if I had cancer and he said no but it could become cancerous . What do I do? I've read a few stories on here regarding AIS and they all relate to cancer... I'm very confused ....
Any help on this would be much appreciated !!
Re: What to do ?
Jun 6, 2014
I don't know much about AIS but it is very rare for cancer cells to be found on a Pap test in women who are screened regularly. And high grade dysplasia usually doesn't develop quickly either. How often were you getting pap smears and was the one in January your first abnormal one?

Abnormal pap smears can be caused by rather harmless conditions such as inflammation but it would seem unlikely for one of these conditions to yield AIS results. However, smears can also be misinterpreted especially by less experienced gynecology pathologists. Just as we sometimes need to get second opinions from doctors, that also applies to pathologists.

[U]Hysterectomy is grossly overused with 76% not even meeting ACOG criteria.[/U] Only 2% are done for a confirmed cancer diagnosis. The uterus and ovaries work together and have lifelong non-reproductive functions - anatomical, pelvic integrity, hormonal/endocrine, and sexual.

As patients, we are the ones who have to live with the consequences of medical treatment. So it is important to thoroughly research. [U]Please do not feel pressured by the "come back in a couple weeks" statement. And try not to let fear take over as it clouds our judgment.[/U] Since hysterectomy is so overused, other opinions would be a good idea and preferably by a gynecology oncologist who is upfront about the effects of female organ removal. And going to one in a different network and affiliated with a different hospital is usually recommended.

I had an unnecessary hysterectomy by my long-time gynecologist (whom I had respected for many years). It has turned my world upside down. He even referred me to an oncologist for consultation but based on my medical records they were "in cahoots." I have connected with many other women who have had unnecessary hysterectomies or oophorectomies (ovary removal) who were not given complete and/or accurate information about their diagnosis or about the consequences of the removal of the uterus and/or ovaries.

I hope you can get this treated conservatively. Post back and let us know what you find out.

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