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I am 42 years old. I have the BRCA 2 mutation and had stage 1 Breast cancer detected at 41 years old. I had a double mastectomy for that a year ago.
I also had a transvaginal ultrasound last august prior to starting tamoxifen. It showed uterine polyps and endometrial thickening. I had a d&c with hysteroscopy. It was benign.
Fast forward to April. Since starting tamoxifen at the end of August, my cycles have been normal in frequency but lighter than usual. In April. I started bleeding between cycles....light spotting. My gyn did another u/s and it showed endometrial thickening, I think twice normal size. I know this is a normal finding with tamoxifen. It also showed an ovarian cyst .. My first ever. I had a uterine biopsy at the end of May and it was ok.
I haven't had a regular cycle since may 7 (skipped 2) and have been spotting everyday since then. The last week it has turned brown in color and is foul.
I am wondering if the biopsy (vs a d&c) missed uterine cancer or maybe I have an infection from the uterine biopsy. I would expect that an infection wouldn't wait 1 month to show symptoms though.
Any thoughts?

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