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I have had issues with my pelvic area since I was 21 and now I'm 24. Symptoms started with stabbing pains here and there. Now for the past 3 months symptoms include
•constant throb in pelvic region
•bloated all the time
•gained 20lbs
•peeing a lot
•always tired
•heartburn everyday
Thought I was pregnant but I'm defiantly not!

I was told I had IBS around 2 years ago. I went for my annul exam Monday and my dr found WBC but no infection in vagina or urin. She also said my uterus felt a little enlarged and sent me to a radiologist for a ultrasound. The tec said my uterus lining was thick so I must be close to my period but I'm not and still haven't had one Nd that was 3 days ago. And being it was on a Friday the weekend came so now ihave to wait until Monday for results. What could this be??

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