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... On another note, the recovery from this surgery has been extremely difficult. I had the DaVinci Robotic Laprascopic procedure. ... (7 replies)
... I am in perimenopause, I haven not had my period for almost 9 months now. I had a D& C with hysterocopy last for post intercourse bleeding. Nothing was found except benign edoceverical tissure with acute and chronic cervicitis and squamous metaplasia, which was told to be normal. After many vaginal antibiotics and the dx of BV and also vaginal estrogen to thicken my cervic.... (1 replies)
... My prayers are with you. Glad to see the pills are working and I hope they continue to work for you. God is good! I was told today that my lining is 1.4cm thick and for my age they want it to be less than 1cm. I did the ultrasound 12 days before my period is due and they want to do a biopsy and I am stressed to the max! (By the way, I will be 50 next month) 6 mo ago, they said... (23 replies)

... Oh my! I'm sorry they are taking their own time on this important issue. they should know that a person would be stressing over this. shame on them. I pray they get to you asap. I remember going to hospital for a D&C they did a biopsy. the doctor came in to tell me what he saw. but told me he can't be sure until the biopsy come back. he told me he wanted to see me in a week.... (23 replies)
... Hi Kate - the other thread was getting so long I thought we should start a new one. Don't know if you read my post from the other day - I'm also 59 (just) and had irregular bleeding 4 years ago. I bled for a whole month before I called my doctor (primary care) who referred me to a gyn (my primary care had been doing my paps - and by the way a pap will not diagnose uterine... (13 replies)
... C in 3 months to see how things were and then another one 3 months after that. He said that during this time I had to lose weight. He said that my weight could make it turn into cancer. ... (2 replies)
... Well... an 8mm endometrial stripe is not very thick at all, actually. I recently had a 20 mm endo stripe (2 cms!) They did a D&C, and found no sign of cancer, or even hyperplasia (which can be a precursor to cancer). My thick stripe was normal, apparently. If you're post-menopausal, an 8 mm endo stripe could warrant further investigation (but even so, it doesn't necessarily... (3 replies)
... C and take another check cells again. Scali thank you for letting me talk. it really helps to talk to others who have similar stories. ... (10 replies)
... I won't ever have another either. I think I am just a lot more tender up in there than I used to be. ... (2 replies)
... pap and HPV test at the first appointment and they were negative. Also have cysts on both ovaries and a large mass on the left ovary they are watching and doing another sonogram of. Worried something will be missed. Also 2 weeks out from surgery and started spotting again. ... (0 replies)
... Dr. said to take 14 days Progesterone. It did not help. Now the Dr. said to take Progesterone for another 3 months. ... (0 replies)
... I had a thickened lining after having no period for 6 months then bleeding for a month straight. My gyno did a transvaginal ultrasound, noted the thickness and then sent me for a D&C and hysteroscopy. The cells were analyzed and came back endometrial hyperplasia (which means overgrowth) with atypical cells. It is those atypical cells that they are probably wanting to check for... (2 replies)
... Hi Missbelle - I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I know it can be very scary. I'm also glad to hear that you are seeking a second opinion. Some gyns are anxious to go right to hysterectomy and since you are desiring a pregnancy I can understand your hesitation. I'm 59 and had a scare 4 years ago when I was going through menopause. I had an... (7 replies)
... c hystoroscopy,and endo biospy. my gyne has told me no cancer or pre cancer cells but because the womb has a thick lining i will have to have another biospy in 6 months time has anyone else had this result or been told to come back after what seems to be an all clear? ... (1 replies)
... Hello Raify I would love to know a bit more about you. You see, since that last post in August I ended up having yet ANOTHER D & C (age 55) no post menopause bleeding unlike last time. Been in menopause now for 5 years. Again the D & C 'contents' according to pathology contained, large amounts of blood, and some cervical tissue, no cancerous cells. I am trying... (31 replies)
... I think i would go for this second opinion, it will take up your time but also tell you whats up. doc told me i was at 12 mm but now is 3 or 4 mm. he will do another D & C soon etc . anyways good luck hope everything works out for you. (5 replies)
... i'm sorry this is so late in replying, but did your doctor ever do a colposcopy or an ECC. Any bleeding post-coital, especially in a woman over 30 (who is not a virgin (and that is the first coitus)) needs to see a doctor. The bleeding could be coming from the cervix, not the uterus. I personally think that every woman over 30 who has a colposcopy, has post-coital... (1 replies)
... a lightdays pad. Went to see the dr. and he said I had a polyp, took it out and the bleeding continued. Called him and he said to come back in and he would take another look. He decided that I should have a endometial biopsy which came back okay. I was told by another dr. ... (55 replies)
... after 6 mos. he'd have to do another workup. I asked for copy of pathology report and didn't read it until I got home. It seemed very inconclusive... ... (2 replies)
... In July 2009 bloodwork came back as POSTMENOPAUSAL and thats when I'd had that really heavy painful Period that lasted 10 days. 44 days later I had another Period, this time NO pain, which I thought was very unusual, first time ever. ... (6 replies)

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