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... Hi all, Just joined this site today to tell you my story. I have had trouble for years with discharge spotting after my menopause. I just didn't realize that it was that important and it is. ... (55 replies)
... Thankfully, she had her children really young and was already done when they found it so they did the hysterectomy and then the biopsy. I however, am also very young and very scared that my next step is a biopsy. I'm still waiting to hear back from my doctor about it. ... (0 replies)
... my family dr found during routine physical, sent me to gyn who removed it. Bleeding stopped as soon as the polyp was removed, never returned. The gyn also did a biopsy because she said it was standard whenever there is postmenopausal bleeding. Next visit did an unltrasound and found thickened lining, began to treat. ... (11 replies)

... I bled before menopause a kind of dark blood, after menopause I had rust colored staining off and on. Dr. told me not to worry about it for years. So during those years I didn't. ... (55 replies)
... After my endometrial biopsy I did bleed more. I was bleeding before the biopsy too. After the biopsy I bled a lot more like the lining had been jolted off or something. After awhile it wasn't so bad, but results for me were Uterine cancer, stage 1C. ... (9 replies)
19 mm thickness
Apr 25, 2012
... c which was a piece of cake. Also had a biopsy that was painful, but luckily came back fine. An ultrasound found a very large fibroid. I had become extremely anemic from heavy periods. ... (3 replies)
... eally heavy painful Period that lasted 10 days. 44 days later I had another Period, this time NO pain, which I thought was very unusual, first time ever. 28 days after that I had spotting and period pains but they turned into nothing after two days. ... (6 replies)
... I bled more after my biopsy for sure. For me it didn't hurt that much, just a tug and like a pinch. It was over quickly. I haven't had children, but I have two adopted children. ... (9 replies)
... iagnosis. That was the tough one. I wanted to sue the dr. because he just wasn't thorough enough. Letting me go for so long before operating on me. I decided after all to just get on with living, I had come very close to giving up, very close. I was so down that I didn't care if I ate. ... (16 replies)
... Hi everyone my name is Christine I am a single mom of 3 young girls and I'm waiting on my biopsy results. ... (2 replies)
... You don't say how old you are. If you are having trouble with your periods or still bleeding after menopause that is not normal. I found out the hard way. If it puts your mind at ease go for the biopsy. My dr. was an idiot and he still is. ... (6 replies)
... I am having a biopsy and saline sonogram done today. I had 2 CAT scans that showed possible cancer looking. I had pre cancer in cervix 8 years ago, now that came back clear. ... (0 replies)
... e gave me a name of an excellent oncologist. She has a tumor the size of a basketball that burst in her abdomen and it was stage 3. She recovered, had a partial hysterectomy and went on to have a baby. She says she's had no problems since then. I was encouraged by that story. ... (11 replies)
... years ago I stumbled onto one thing after another. First my foot started going numb. Said that's not right so I'd better check it out. ... (45 replies)
... Hi, three years ago I had a little spotting and that shouldn't happen after menopause. I was 60 yrs old and 100 lbs over weight when this started. ... (7 replies)
... I had a hysterectomy but for a different reason. I was misled about my diagnosis as well as the after effects of the surgery. My medical records showed that my hysterectomy was totally unnecessary. I wish I had listened to my inner voice versus dismissing it because I had trusted this doctor for almost 20 years. ... (9 replies)
... d left 2 messages with her receptionist about getting a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound for some peace of mind before I get the uterine biopsy on August 28 which I had asked her for when she first called me and told me about this. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. I would like to hear how you are doing. I just got the same diag today and can't stop crying. I am so scared. I have to call tomorrow to make an appt with the oncologisgt to have more tests and a hysterectomy. Since you posted in June, please tell me how you are doing? (9 replies)
... oncologist tried the endo. biopsy but couldn't get past the fibroid. ... (83 replies)
... e periods starting when I was about 37. I passed huge clots and often drenched my clothing at work. During one of these episodes when I was 45, my doctor did a biopsy and I was diagnosed with uteran cancer. I had a complete hysterectomy, and no other treatment needed. ... (4 replies)

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