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... pap can back with inflammation due to cellular changes. I was sent a letter stating that my pap was normal, so did not think of anything until I starting having bleeding after intercourse and called the office four months later to find out about the inflammation. ... (11 replies)
... I had a Trans Vag US while on my period. I'm supposed to get an endo biopsy on the 12th. Doc told me the results come back in a week. I know I have an appt on the 26th to review results. The waiting is no fun I know. ... (11 replies)
... to update, I am still bleeding but not as much. But I have to go for a transvaginal ultra sound tomorrow. Can they stll do it if you are bleeding or should I cancel? ... (11 replies)

... I went to the gyn for a 6 month post partum check up after the birth of my 2nd child. ... (0 replies)
... Hi I am 50yrs old and in perimenopause. I had to have an endo biopsy done six days ago. But I am still bleeding. Is this normal or should I be concerned that it could be more serious? ... (11 replies)
... I had bleeding issues after having the LEEP. I would call your doctor....even with it being the weekend!! Let me know how you make out. ... (11 replies)
... Then also got the endo biopsy. The pain wasn't too bad for me because of the drugs. ... (11 replies)
... The endo biopsy was rather painful and had cramping for three days. I still have not heard back from the dr. ... (11 replies)
... Now I get to monitor that every 3 months on top of having surgery for my ovary and polyp. I've decided that I don't like my 40s too much after all of this! That's my rant for the day! ... (11 replies)
... All of this is really depressing me today. I just want to be done with it all and things just keep getting worse. Maybe I'll cheer up after I take Valium and Vicodin tomorrow. ... (11 replies)
... and the one I had last year did bother me somewhat. I had bleeding after this one too, just for a couple of days. I am told the secret to having endo biopsies is to take two extra strength tylenol, some advil or motrin about one hour before your appointment. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Leah17, Sorry to hear what your going through...hope my story will help. I'm 56 yo and was experiencing postmenopausal bleeding, very light, off & on for 2 + years. My gyn told me that any bleeding after menopause is abnormal & needs to be evaluated. So, here's what I ended up going through. I had a transvaginal ultrasound that showed a slightly thickened endometrial... (4 replies)
... I had my biopsy done because of bleeding after intercourse. When I said something to my gyn at my yearly visit, she said it could be due to perimenopause. ... (45 replies)
... i too had bleeding after 2 years and 9 months, went had a biopsy and a pap and blood work, dr called told me the pap and biopsy was normal and i was thru menopause not sure what caused me to bleed (4 replies)
... I feel like scheduling doctors appointment and going for various surgeries and biopies is all I do these days. I am praying thing will get back to normal soon. I am a very active person and for most part healthy or at least I think so. Seems all the doctors have other ideas. I aam very bless that I can take time off to do all this medical run around. But being under so many... (11 replies)
... One more thing. I ordered my previous docs notes to give to my new doc. My surgical history was not mine! I was pissed to say the least. I made them correct it and send them to me. I agree, order everything to check. (11 replies)
... Well, finally got the call from my doctor. Said the US was fine, just some fibroids. But said the biopsy stated endometrial cell change most likey polyps. Doctor did not think it is cancer. I will be schedule for a D&C with hysterscopy at a hospital. I guess if they do find polyps the will send them out to make sure it is not cancer, well at least I hope so. I know there is... (11 replies)
... In December 2004, I had a 3 day postmenopausal bleeding incident. Almost felt like I had my period. My reg. gynecologist said because of fibroid, he wouldn't be able to do an endo. ... (83 replies)
... Well according to the gyn, everything is fine. No cancer or polyps. She said if the bleeding continues, then we can do hormones. I said I rather not, they have their own set of problems. My last pap was normal. ... (3 replies)
... said it was normal. I will have my post op appointment in a few days and will get a chance to talk to the doctor to see what could have been causing my abnormal bleeding after intercourse. My question is how could the biopsy have been so wrong saying that polyps was causing my bleeding? ... (3 replies)

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