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... I am new to the forums and I have just had an endometrial biopsy done last Thursday. In my Ultrasound it showed fluid in endometrial cavity and 1.1 something thick..I wasn't sure if I heard Centimeters or inches. ... (0 replies)
... I just have to join this thread. I can so relate to all of this. I just got the results to my biopsy and not good. I have complex hyperplasia atypia. Pre uterine cancer. ... (45 replies)
... When I had a surgical breast biopsy, they made me come to see the breast surgeon to find out the biopsy was benign. My blood pressure was so high that visit. Good luck! ... (45 replies)

... Just be positive and remember that there are more than one reason for doing the biopsy and the most common results are normal! ... (45 replies)
... Okay, so I went to my Gyno today as scheduled. Now I am totally confused. I was scheduled for a endo. biopsy which he said I didn't need because my lining measurement (18mm) is totally normal for a girl my age (32). I tried to explain about my cramping and bleeding when I'm not on my cycle and he gave me 3 options. 1.. to go on birth control, 2. to take pain meds., and 3.... (5 replies)
Endo biopsy
Nov 29, 2007
... HELLO I'am having a endo biospy tomorrow. Is this awfull. Iam scared to death about it. ... (3 replies)
... chodin that is so great about your biopsy results. I bet you are so relieved about that. What an insensitive person your collegue is. All you care about right now is to be healthy. ... (45 replies)
... Ok, finally got some results. No cancer in the endometrial biopsy. But, the doctor is suppose to call me back after she reviews it further and I may need to go in. Not sure what else might be going on, if anything. I'm wondering if this is all tied to my Graves Disease (diagnosed last week), considering some of the symptoms. I just want to feel better. I was telling a... (45 replies)
... Thank you chodin! Let us know how your biopsy results come out too. And I hope they get your thyroid straightened out. I bet you will feel so much better! ... (45 replies)
... :) :) :) Judi - I am so happy to hear that all is well! The wait to today's appointment had to be excruiciating. I'm still waiting to hear about my biopsy (last Thursday); I've been having my thyroid tested, so my focus has been shifted quite a bit, thankfully. I wish you well with the rest of this journey. We are all faced with different challenges and it's how we respond... (45 replies)
... So my biopsy was normal but showed that I'm not ovulating even though I get periods some months and the irregular bleeding. Too much estrogen and not even progesterone. ... (45 replies)
... Still waiting for my biopsy results. If I don't hear from her by 2 weeks, I'm suppose to call. I did request my pap results so I now have the actual report in my own file. ... (45 replies)
... Had my endometrial biopsy on Thursday and it was no big deal. I had myself all worked up for nothing. I wish everyone would have and easy time with it, but it took all of 10 seconds. ... (45 replies)
... I had an endometrial biopsy a few days ago. It wasn't too, too bad. It seemed to be a relatively quick procedure. ... (45 replies)
... EGD: endogastroduodenoscopy - fancy term for looking down your throat all the way through your stomach to the duodenum, the first part of your small intestine (I work in the medical field), using a camera type scope. I have had a sore throat for over 2 months (no tonsils either) and was put on Protonix which has helped slowly, over time (it takes 8 weeks for the esophagus to... (45 replies)
... it used to be hotdami812, Yes I have been checked a while ago, this happens everymonth but worse this month than normal so I will talk to my gyno about it and see what he says. whats an EGD? I havent had a colonoscopy yet that will be next on the list. its funny before all of this anxiety and perimenopause I never went but once a year, now I need to put stock in my doctors... (45 replies)
... vomiting after the loopy loopy drugs, I think the endomet. biopsy will be cake. Peace! ... (45 replies)
... I just had this procedure done about 3 weeks ago. It was painful to say the least. But the good thing was the procedure did not take long, just seemed long. I could not take any meds before going to the dr, because of other medical issues. I did drive myself home and when I got home was able to take pain meds which helped with the cramping. I did bleed or spot for a week... (45 replies)
... Well, finally got the call from my doctor. Said the US was fine, just some fibroids. But said the biopsy stated endometrial cell change most likey polyps. Doctor did not think it is cancer. ... (11 replies)
... and the one I had last year did bother me somewhat. I had bleeding after this one too, just for a couple of days. I am told the secret to having endo biopsies is to take two extra strength tylenol, some advil or motrin about one hour before your appointment. ... (9 replies)

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