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... to worry any of you more than you are already worried, but uterine cancer is not that rare at all. It is expected that 1 out of 32 women will be diagnosed with endo or uterine cancer this year. To me, that is a fairly large number. The good news is that it is the most curable cancer that women can get. And avoidable! ... (5 replies)
... I just had an endometrial biopsy for the same reason (not sure how much thickness there was though) and have not been told that. My gyn did just put me on Yaz birth control though and said it should help with the uterine thickness. I am in my late 40s. I am not sure of your age, but you may want to ask about an option like that. I know I would not want to think about going... (1 replies)
Endo biopsy
Nov 30, 2007
... It Was A Pieace Of Cake. Did Not Hurt One Bit. I Worried For Nothing. I Did Bleed Rest Of Day. Do Not Worry It Is Simple (3 replies)

Endo biopsy
Nov 30, 2007
... please let me know how it went? i have to have one done next week and really need to know how painful it is. thanks hensiop (3 replies)
Endo biopsy
Nov 29, 2007
... Please relax and don't worry too much. I've had two and neither one was horrible at all. A momentary twinge and then it was over. Take some ibprofen before to help with any mild pain but really it just isn't that bad at all. Hope you have get good results. Molu (3 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I am unable to take any hormones since I had a lumpectomy in 2005 that contain hyperplasia that was estrogen positive. From what I understand from my gyn-this means no more hormones for me. I can only hope that there is an alternative treatment. (45 replies)
... Well according to the gyn, everything is fine. No cancer or polyps. She said if the bleeding continues, then we can do hormones. I said I rather not, they have their own set of problems. My last pap was normal. The only thing it did say as inflammation, thus the endo biopsy thus leading to D&C. Well, still bleeding after intercourse. But have not gotten a period this month. I... (3 replies)
... Thanks, Judi! I appreciate your kindness. I'll be having radioactive iodine treatment on Friday to tone down my hyperthyroid. I suppose I should move on to that thread, but I've really felt the compassion being part of this one. I notice you are from Irvine....I spent some time there handling my aunt's estate about 10 years back...what a lovely area of California, truly... (45 replies)
... MoLu thank you for updating us. After my endo biopsy I was all prepared to have a hysterectomy too. You have to be SO happy that you went in to your doctor and caught the cells early while in this stage. ... (3 replies)
... i am also going for a biospy on the 12th of this month. Yes i can concerned. The doc is nice and going to p0ut me out for it. All this cancer talk to me is all very new. Ihaven't had a pap in at least 5 years. i have had some bleeding well nothing red so i had no idea to get it checked out. It has always been more like brown so how was i to know it was blood. i don't... (45 replies)
... MoLu, I can't believe all you've been thru. It teaches us not to blame everything on menopausal symptoms. Here's wishing you a real easy time in your 60's, 70's and 80's - you sure deserve it!! Please ramble anytime you wish!! Hugs, Judi (45 replies)
... Hi all- Thanks for your kind words. You know must of everything that has happened to me I've stumbled upon and was always blaming menopause. Most of my life I'd do my yearly checkups and say so long doc. Never had to take any medicine. Then maybe 2 1/2 years ago I stumbled onto one thing after another. First my foot started going numb. Said that's not right so I'd... (45 replies)
... Chodin keep us up to date on your thyroid tests. We can learn so much on these boards. Things we wouldn't think of that could be happening to us too. From Wisconsin, we moved to Tucson, AZ. We lived there for about 14 years. Our son now lives in Phoenix and we love going there to visit. We hope to move back to AZ at some point. I think it is so beautiful there. Judi (45 replies)
... Molu - Thank you for bravely sharing your story. I hope your doctor takes you down the right path and restores you to good health. What are your thyroid issues? Everything at once for you. Just curious since I just found out I'm hyperthyroid, but don't know yet if it's temporary (menopause related, viral) and am having a bunch more blood work done next week. I'm getting my... (45 replies)
... Big hugs to you MoLu. SO good that you went to the doctor with your symptoms. You can be so proud of yourself for that. And it makes you feel more in control. It is so easy to make excuses why they are happening. Best to have tests to make sure. Uterine cancer from what I've read (and I've been reading ALOT!) is very slow growing and yours is pre cancer so you caught it.... (45 replies)
... I am very happy for you Judi, I knew you would be ok, we all freak waiting and it is a normal emotion. I just wish they wouldnt do that to us and just hurry up and let us know asap via phone, email, vm whichever. ;) (45 replies)
... Judi, we are all here for you, let us know what happens. (45 replies)
... Thanks Belle2003 for your post. It helps to read other's experiences. I think Doctors sometimes forget how worried we are about our results. I'll probably end up with an ulcer after all this! (45 replies)
... Thank you again, hotdam for making me feel better! I'm very scared. The thing is I am in great health otherwise. So scary that after a diagnosis your whole life is changed forever. Keep me in your thoughts girls for a good outcome. I'll let you know what happens on Thursday. Best wishes to all waiting for results. (45 replies)
... Judi, dont worry they dont give those results over the phone good or bad, I had to see my doc too to get a result of normal, I am sure you will as well, hang in there.. ;) (45 replies)

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