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... Hi Darkwater: I am 31 and have had spotting for 4 years, only during the second half of my period and 99% of the time exactly ten days before my period would arrive. I also have a normal period. I am scheduled for an ultrasound and biopsy tomorrow. I see you had spotting as well. Was it at the same time every month or was it random? I think I read another one of... (5 replies)
Am really nervous
Jan 14, 2010
... menopausal at age 41, but I also had a very disturbing experience with an endometrial biopsy done in the doctor's office that was wrong. I had the biopsy because the ultrasound clearly showed that my lining was too thick for the time of month it was in my cycle. ... (5 replies)
... through menapouse or are post menapouse, than no this is not normal and you will need to have an endometrial biopsy done. This is a very routine procedure done in the gyn's office. I would strongly suggest taking some extra strength tylenol or advil one hour before the procedure. ... (2 replies)

Jul 22, 2009
... Glad to hear everything went well for you in December. ... (18 replies)
... Hi: I have a very large uterus with lots of fibroids for over 25 years; i have not had surgery because frankly I am terrified of surgery; My recent ultrasound showed a polyp, probably in the endometrium; i have read this could indicate a thickened endometrial lining; I am going to the GYN in two days; yesterday I noticed a very tiny drop of blood; i haven't had any more since... (7 replies)
... and I will be coming off that in August if my next biopsy is normal. ... (2 replies)
... Hello... my mother was diagnosed and had a D&C performed on 9-5-2008. Could tell me what the doctor told your mother about this cancer?? I can't seem to find out what I'm looking for. I fear that my mom waited so long that she'll have stage IV. I'm wondering about the accuracy of the 5 year survial rate being only 5% . Thanks, Stephanie in Staunton VA (2 replies)
... my mom just found out less than a week ago. that cancerous cells were found in the lining of her uteris. she was diagnosed with endometriosis a few months ago, and at that time she did NOT have the cells. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Sunny - glad to hear everything is okay - although that still doesn't answer your question about the pain and the spotting. Hopefully the "pill" will work. If not I would definitely call the doctor back. You can also ask for copies of the ultrasound and biopsy reports. I always get copies of mine so I can read them and what I don't understand I look up. Overgrowth... (21 replies)
... Just wanted to let you know, for what its worth, 2 years ago April I went in for a DNC and ablation for heavy bleeding. My dr didnt do the ablation because when he did the DNC he recognized that I had cancer. ... (7 replies)
... When I went for my Pap and pelvic exam the doctor felt something on the right side of the pelvis. She gave me a prescription for a pelvic ultrasound which I had in February. The radiologist then suggested a CT scan which I had 10 days after the ultrasound. ... (5 replies)
... esults today, pap was normal, estrogen was high, my doc was all set to put me on progesterone until he saw the US results. Not good!Apparently I have a 5 cm mass in the lining of my uterus and a 7 cm one in my right ovary. The report says they are "suspicious for carcinoma". ... (83 replies)
... rous cells. The problem is that unless you get the biopsy from the right place, you don't get accurate results. I had an ultrasound which did show a "thickening" in the endo lining up near the top of the uterus. with that info, the doc did the biopsy where the thickening was. In my case it showed grade 1 endo cancer. ... (2 replies)
My Gram...
Jan 17, 2004
... She had some spotting and went in for a ckup right away. ... (15 replies)
... acement therapy... I am not familiar with that you were on. From 46 yo to 49 yo I took Prempro, which as you probably know.. has both progesterone and estrogen in it. I began having some hot flashes and mood swings at about 46, so my doctor though that was a remedy. ... (2 replies)

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