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... Absolutely have the procedure. You may catch something before it is too late. I had a sonogram and it showed abnormal growths in my uterus. It was biopsied and cancerous. Not that you should fear such a diagnosis, but your doctor is being proactive and that is commendable. (27 replies)
... Hiya Reba73, Feeling ok this morning. Just a tad bit crampy. Not bad at all and not as bad as yesterday evening ughhhhh....more than anything, I just feel tired. I am sure it was from being knocked out and then the pain medication yesterday. I would love to just go soak in a hot bath but no bath. UGH Just showers at this point. When my doctor was doing all the test... (27 replies)
... Hiya Pam..... Is your doc suggesting a hystercopy test done too? My doctor says the majority of the time it is polyps for the cause. My doc is doing the hysterscopy first and said if anything looks abnormal they would biopsy it right then. I am getting nervous about all this. I donot mind having the ablation done. I am just hoping it is... (27 replies)

Endo uterus cancer
Jul 25, 2008
... cancer, the size of a tiny pea. She had a cold knife with biopsy and the Dr. found her uterus had very thick lining and the biopsy came bak as cancer. She wants to do a hysterectomy on Aug 21 with this new robot thing that is advanced. ... (1 replies)
Boggy uterus??
Apr 8, 2007
... The endometrial echo is non specific in appearance with a bilamina thickness of 8mm." Am my lining too thick or just thick or it is a normal size? ... (3 replies)
Uterus cancer
Nov 30, 2019
... The slight bleeding was just one spot and nothing since its been 10 days ago the u/s I have a 5mm lining. (13 replies)
... scars the lining so that may explain the "necrotic debris. ... (1 replies)
... ust to be sure. Well I've not worried about the results until now, weird I know. So tell me your opinions for those who have went through this. Also, she said my uterus was normal is size. Thanks in advance. ... (1 replies)
19 mm thickness
Apr 25, 2012
... emorrhaging and was sent to the hospital. By the next morning I was in need of transfusions and an emergency hysterectomy. The fibroid was on the outside of my uterus and my body was trying to get rid of it. It has now been 11 weeks since surgery and I feel like a new person! ... (3 replies)
Uterine Lining
Sep 15, 2011
... There is a common way to deal with it. A little radical but not so bad. If you don't need any more kids, you can consider taking it off. Some women had pre-cancerous cell in the uterus and they chose to take it off by sucking it out and kept the ovaries for hormone/estrogen. If this is a problem and you worry about cancer, take it off the easy way now before it is too late. ... (2 replies)
... e, i figured it would not be cancer. fear can get to you. sounds simplistic but true. i had 2 kids so it can happen no matter the no of kids. getting a thickened uterus is not always cancer. congrats! ... (13 replies)
... eno. But many never symptoms minus those who had irregular periods. I used to think how nice not to have one every month. dr said no this is a bad sign since the uterus is not sloughing off. ... (13 replies)
... Ps do some net seaches on this how common it is. i had cysts in the ovaries and cervic and the hyperplasia as it is called and the fibroids. had pain off and on but not that bad. many women have this but have no problems. you felt the UIT pressure because of the enlarged uterus. everthing is pushing down on your bladder. i can stand up easier with all that stuff washed out... (13 replies)
... ided at 45 I will have a hystorectomy on Feb 4th in 2 days, ugh! I am going ahead and have the ovaries removed even though I have just had cysts but removing the uterus does not rule out ovarian cancer and issues later on cysts. ... (6 replies)
... I have read alot about this because I had to take tamoxafen for a couple of years post breast cancer and tamox can cause uterine thickening. From what I know, uterine thickening can be fairly common post menopause but rarely means uterine cancer. The biopsy of course will confirm this. The next step might be to rx something like promentrium ( a progesteron med) which is... (6 replies)
... Hi, I hope everything turns out okay for you. Yes, I did have an idiot for a gyn, more interested in how white his teeth are and flirting with the women that came in. A woman knows when something is wrong with them and to be put off for so long was terrifying for me. He told my sister if he did hysterectomies for every woman that had a problem or a fibroid he would... (6 replies)
... bleeding which cause severe anemia which led to a transfusion a year ago. I went in two weeks ago and had an ultrasound and showed a fybroid or cyst and my endo lining is showing 13mm as well. I am scheduled to see the dr again in 2 weeks. But I have been trying to get as much info as possible with not much luck. ... (2 replies)
... Hello Raify I would love to know a bit more about you. You see, since that last post in August I ended up having yet ANOTHER D & C (age 55) no post menopause bleeding unlike last time. Been in menopause now for 5 years. Again the D & C 'contents' according to pathology contained, large amounts of blood, and some cervical tissue, no cancerous cells. I am trying... (31 replies)
... BonBe I had the cervix biopsy done a couple of years ago and wasn't sure if this could be done also for the uterus. Glad it can. Trying to set up the intravaginal ultrasound but my gyn is away and haven't heard back from the other doc yet. Also have a gastro apptment on Monday and scared of what he will say. You just can't win. Not sure where my symptoms are coming from... (31 replies)
... Do you have to get a D&C to obtain a biopsy from the uterus? I know I had a biopsy of the cervix done in the office. I am not having bleeding but am having stomach/abdominal pain and bloating but i also have Crohn's disease, gastritis, esophagitis and bad acid reflux so who knows what's going on. Since my grandmother died of uterine cancer I just thought I'd check it out. ... (31 replies)

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