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... Hanging in there.. I just had an intravaginal ultrasound done a few days ago, (results unknown) and I am scheduled for a uterine biopsy on the 29th. I'm really nervous about the biopsy.. how bad does it hurt? Does it take long? Do they have to dialate you or is it a punch type thing? They want the sample from the uterine lining. Thanks for any answers. (8 replies)
... That is true about the trans vaginal ultrasound. It will show pictures of what's there but won't show what it IS that is there. In my case, the unterine lining was thickened and it showed where and how much. I had post menapausal bleeding and we were looking for a cause. ... (8 replies)
... A vaginal ultrasound lets them see anything that looks suspicious but doesn't definitely diagnose cancer. Many women have harmless cysts on their ovaries. Ovarian cancer is not very common. I had an ultrasound in January and they saw fibroids and a thickened uterine lining. That prompted a uterine biopsy, which was negative. (8 replies)

... that he didn't feel anything abnormal and also that my endometrial lining didn't seem as thick as he originally thought. Of course, my husband didn't question him any further but said the doctor seemed upbeat about what he found. ... (1 replies)
... BonBe I had the cervix biopsy done a couple of years ago and wasn't sure if this could be done also for the uterus. Glad it can. Trying to set up the intravaginal ultrasound but my gyn is away and haven't heard back from the other doc yet. Also have a gastro apptment on Monday and scared of what he will say. You just can't win. Not sure where my symptoms are coming from... (31 replies)
... Do you have to get a D&C to obtain a biopsy from the uterus? I know I had a biopsy of the cervix done in the office. I am not having bleeding but am having stomach/abdominal pain and bloating but i also have Crohn's disease, gastritis, esophagitis and bad acid reflux so who knows what's going on. Since my grandmother died of uterine cancer I just thought I'd check it out. ... (31 replies)
Feb 25, 2005
... I just checked on the internet and it said heredity does play a factor in uterine cancer. My sister was treated for it a couple years ago. I just had a uterine biopsy because of very heavy periods and a thickened lining. I was very worried. Fortunately, it was negative. (4 replies)
... I read about women taking Ortho Tri Cyclen being depressed and having panic attacks, etc. I don't need any more mood swings. (31 replies)
... At 43 you could most certainly be pre-menopausal. That doesn't mean you're in menopause! This menopause mess lasts for decades for many women. First you're PRE then you have IT for 30 years. Seems like I was near your age when I started getting hot at night. hmm..can't remember. Then I got on Estrace and all was well again. Some women just sweat and change sheets all night.... (31 replies)
... Thank you. I'm 43. I'm kind of nervous about starting BC pills at my age, but we'll see how it goes. (31 replies)
... Fantastic News!! I don't know your age , but heavy bleeding with big clots (sorry) is indicative of approaching menopause . I wasn't scared when I had them because my mother told me She had them around age 49/50. So I guess my daughters will have them too, eventually. :confused: (31 replies)
... The results of my biopsy were NEGATIVE! The doctor gave me a three-month sample of birth control pills to control the bleeding. I had no problems with the pills 20 years ago. I hope I don't have bad side effects at my age. On the bright side, no hysterectomy needed! (31 replies)
... Thank you so much for your responses. I'll post back with the results. God bless! (31 replies)
... Thanks! She said I have several large fibroids. (31 replies)
... I had complex hyperplasia with atypia of the endometrium (lining of the uterus). I'm 30 and have been trying to get pregnant for a long time now, so doc gave me progestin therapy. I took Megace for 6 months, and it cured it... at least temporarily. It's a good option for ladies with stage 1 endo cancer or uterine cancer or just precancer like the hyperplasia. Pam (0 replies)
... I Hope All Went Well With At Your Doctors....can You Tell Me More About Your Cancer How They Found It When You Were First Diagnosed. I Have Endometrium Lining Of 13. ... (7 replies)
My Gram...
Jan 17, 2004
... C and then a complete hysterectomy and from what I was told it takes alot for cancer to break through the lining of the uterus into the rest of the body. What strength that keeps a baby in for 9 months also seems to keep the cancer from spreading out very easily either. ... (15 replies)

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