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... What did the Dr. say? It is now March 06 and I just read your post. I am going in for a D&C in4 days due to thickened uterine lining and free-floating fluid in both sides of my uterus. I just changed doctors because my previous gyno didn't take my complaints seriously (post-coital bleeding, sudden irregular periods and spotting). So keep after your Dr. if he keeps... (31 replies)
... Be cautious, I had thickened lining for many years and multiple endometirla bioposies as well as excessive bleeding. After many years it did turn inot uterine cancer Grade 1 stage 1. ... (31 replies)
... Dear Carol well, what to say. The thickened uterine lining, may well be cause for what they are proposing. It is called MAYBE endometriosis you can do a search on that word on the 'net' do not let what you read frighten you. TRULY. Mine was age related as I was 54 when it was with me. I did not have a hysterectomy but a D & C using a hysteroscopy (allowed them to... (31 replies)

... I have recently had a CT scan and the results came back saying that the lining of my womb was thickend. ... (31 replies)
... The ultra sound will tell them more than anything. It can and does show the thickness of the lining, and any polyps and fibroids. The first (oh long long ago) I had done in the office, and it hurt like the dickens, but when the test came back it was negative. I did not know what that meant. I had been having a massive heavy period at that time. It was noted about the... (31 replies)
... naw.... I have had several surgeries in my life including two c sections (in the days when they did knock you out, and none of this 'freezing you' The D & C (twice in my lifetime) was the first surgery I woke up from with no pain. at all. Slight ever so slight bleeding that is it. The first one, was when I was about 30 just after having my second child. It was so... (31 replies)
... I'm happy I found this thread. I am having and D and C on the 9th because of a polyp and thickened lining. I'm 35 and have pcos. Bleed all the time basically. Can anybody tell me what to expect during the dand c? I have a choice of being put to sleep or just sedated. I'm thinking I want just sedation. Does it hurt etc? (31 replies)
... it actually shrunk from 3 cm to 2cm. But now I've got this polyp thing going on too. I never really got a clear answer from my doctor as to why the lining is thickened though. I hope your results bring you good news. ... (31 replies)
... I sure hope not. I also have a thickened uterine lining. I had a biopsy done, haven't received the results yet. She said I have a lot of fibroids. (31 replies)
... C, put me on megace for a year and half. After another ultra scan that showed the lining wasn't thick and the biopsy showed complex hyperplasia, he was going to treat me like all his other patients. Approx. 10 months later I had a little spotting. ... (7 replies)
... ths and do another us to see if things changed. Here's where my frustration really comes in. I had the us and the tech told me she could not tell how thick the lining was. ... (2 replies)
Help please!
Dec 31, 2013
... The concern is if you are not shedding your lining. So it is best to have an ultrasound 1 or 2 days after your period ends when the lining is thinnest. So maybe you can just tell her you want to see what it looks like right after your next period. ... (2 replies)
... however, quite a few post menopausal women have a thicken uterine lining and the biopsy comes back negative. ... (1 replies)
... Are you referring to a colposcopy? I am not sure if I spelled that right, all I know is if they ever want to do another one of those they will have to knock me out I won't put myself thru that kind of agony, I believe my gyno told me now they do it as an outpatient procedure, Most likely by D&C but every doctor is different in how they do their procedures. I don't mean to... (8 replies)
... In your case, they will have no problem getting enough cells because your lining is thick. ... (8 replies)
Nov 9, 2007
... I have just come back from having a pelvic ultra sound and was told I have a thickened lining to my womb which would account for heavier bleeding but not as much as I had described as recently I bled or spotted for eight out of nine weeks. ... (13 replies)
... C that he was unable to do the hysteroscopy because of the fibroid but that my endometrial lining wasn't as thick as he thought it would be and that nothing felt abnormal. Said we had to wait for results of pathology tests. ... (2 replies)
Endometrial stripe
Aug 28, 2019
... C should have taken care of the thick lining. I have read that the lining typically gets 16mm during your cycle so yours was not even that thick. Have you had an ongoing problem with a thick lining? ... (1 replies)
... endometrium appear thicker than it is because they can't always differentiate fibroids from the lining itself. And sometimes the fibroids can cause bleeding. ... (2 replies)
Apr 12, 2016
... I'm sorry this has you terrified! Hopefully, you will fall into the majority where this thick lining is nothing serious or at least something that is easily treatable with medication. The Provera will force a bleed to thin out your lining. ... (1 replies)

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