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... Hi there, It isn't normal and you should see your doctor asap. In the UK, post menopausal bleeding (PMB) is treated as serious, until tests confirm that it's not cancer. This is because if a uterine cancer is caught quickly then it is relatively straight forward to treat and the survival rates are very high. That means that it is worth testing and scanning all women... (4 replies)
... Hi Mary, My very best friend had to locate a new gyn (hers retired too), and she recommended him. I haven't seen him yet, but am told that he is friendly, kind, and actually takes time to answer your questions. That's so important in a doctor. I'm still having very scary times, my results of the test will be revealed on April 1 by my family doctor,(April Fools Day) ugh. I've... (13 replies)
... Hi Kate - how did you find your new gyn? Did your medical doctor recommend? That's how I found mine. I was first going to a young woman that he had recommended but she kept pushing for a hysterectomy so after a year I told my medical doctor I wanted the opinion of another gyn and that's how I got the one I have now. I think all my problems were just screwed up hormones due... (13 replies)

... I know waiting for the results is the worst part. Is bleeding still an issue? ... (13 replies)
... Rosie, what was your postmenopausal bleeding from? ... (83 replies)
... What exactly is a PET scan and how would it determine what the postmenopausal bleeding is from? ... (83 replies)
... I am inclined to think your doc is right about the low percentage. When my bleeding started last December, at age 70, it did'nt stop until the operation. Some days it was lighter than others, but it never stopped altogether. ... (83 replies)
... Marise, thanks for thinking of me, i saw my doctor last nite and everything is FINE!! No trace of anything. She doesn't know what caused the bleeding but it isn't cancer. ... (83 replies)
... Marise, i still say what I have going on is NOTHING compared to the rest of you! I still can't believe your health care system. We probably arent' supposed to know what part of the country we live in but I'm just not aquainted with that poor level of care. Sorry you have to put up with that. I entirely intend to go to work Friday, i really need to if possible but i'll make it... (83 replies)
... for my DNC which is coming up Feb 16, no big fact, the doctor almost cancelled it becuase I have no symptoms, but then she said, you know, if the bleeding comes back, we have to do this ALL over again, so let's just do it and be sure. So, i am. ... (83 replies)
... Hi Dvrosie. Sorry about the name thing - I'm sure it's not a sign, just that my eyesight is not the greatest. The only symptom I was concerned about was bleeding. That started the first week of December and is still happening - it stops for a day or so then comes again. Longest period I ever had! The us results tipped me off - I got a copy from the doctor and went home and... (83 replies)
... tried, she said she couldn't get enough cells and that was a good sign because with cancer she thinks she'd see more, so she's not rushing me in there. Also, my bleeding has stopped for the most part, i only had one incident last week and before that, it stopped for weeks. ... (83 replies)
... C.. I'd wait for the good stuff and sleep my way through that. I think even if I had a little bleeding before you are scheduled for that I wouldn't worry.. ... (83 replies)
... Josie, sounds like you REALLY had a tough time. It also sounds like you're a strong woman! I am 58, started menopause WAY early, like 40 or 45, i can't really remember. My doctor doesn't seem to have an opinion about HRT's, if I stay on them or go off of them, but i want to ask her that if a person does have cancer and has been on them, do they take them off. That might be an... (83 replies)
... was at work and wasn't sure if I should go home or straight to the er... well..I stopped by the drug store and then went home. This happened in november and the bleeding settled into a hard period for a few weeks and then tapered to just an annoying flow..not heavy for weeks and weeks. ... (83 replies)
... Hi Dyrosie. It is important, as you can see by my previous posts, to find out why you are having the bleeding. I am a total coward too when it comes to tests and things. Even when I had my teeth out I opted for a general - "Just do what you have to and wake me up when it's over!" Nevertheless you have to consider that general anaesthesia has it's risks too. With my pap I... (83 replies)
... menopausal bleeding is more common than most women realize and is usually nothing serious. ... (3 replies)
... I just wanted to let you know that my grandmother has endometrial cancer. She just had a radical hysterectomy yest. Keep in mind, she is 83 years old and has diabetes, hypertension and is overweight (162 pds) and status post CABG- 6 years ago. She had a vertical incision done, the whole thing took 1 hr and 20 min. shocked me and everyone else too, that it was so quick, but... (83 replies)
... I was told an ultrasound wouldn't work either because of the fibroid. When I had the MRI (a year ago) all the surrounding organs were fine. I feel fine but keep wondering if something bad is growing within me. My hubby is trying real hard to be supportive but is at the point where he feels if I can't live with the uncertainty, I should have the hysterectomy and know for... (83 replies)
... Ahhh Marise..I am so sorry to hear that the doctor feels this is cancer. I know how it is to wait for the surgery and it truly is, believe me here...the worst part of all. It really is. Everything else is'll be busy healing but waiting.. geeeez it's the hardest. You have time though to get yourself all ready and set up for a great recovery from surgery.... (83 replies)

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