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... cer. In your case, it sounds like they did the appropriate testing but maybe the doctor wasn't proficient. One piece of advice I would offer women who experience post menopausal bleeding or abnormal pap smears is GO TO A GYN ONCOLOGIST! Do not let the regular Gyn monkey around with you! ... (55 replies)
... Hi Kate - I'm sorry to hear that you have to have a biopsy. I'm assuming your new gyn is doing it. As I've mentioned I've had numerous. It's not the most pleasant but it's not so bad. I've been told some doctors say to take Advil or some other pain killer an hour before you go and it helps. There is a little pinch and some mild cramping. I've also learned alot about... (13 replies)
... Well, I have uterine hyperplasia, which is not great. I'm going in for a biopsy on Friday and needless to say I'm a bundle of nerves. Since I'm 59 I'll probably have a hysterectomy even if no cancer. I really don't plan on more kids! I hope all is well, I keep putting my self in a state of fear and it's driving me and my family crazy. Hope to hear from you soon. Kate (13 replies)

... Hi Kate - so what did your doctor have to say yesterday? I was thinking of you. When is your appointment with the new gyn. Please let me know - hope all is okay. Mary in NY (13 replies)
... Hi Mary, I prefer a male gyn as well, I don't know why, but it's probably what I'm used to. Yes, it didn't escape me that my results are on April 1st, ugh, but I'll try to stay positive. My kids are really helping me and my husband, they all seem to be more positive thinking than me! I'm so looking forward to Spring, it's a wonderful season - Fall and Spring are my favorites.... (13 replies)
... Hi Kate - well I hope you like your new gyn as much as your friend. I'm one of the weird woman in that I actually prefer a male gyn. The young woman I had I found was way too aggressive for me. Of course most all doctors today are younger than me (LOL). Yeah I didn't want to mention that you were getting your results on April Fool's Day in case you didn't remember that -... (13 replies)
Mom just diagnosed
May 30, 2007
... Hi everyone. I'm writing because last night my father called. My mother is 65. She started having some post-menopausal bleeding. They did a pap smear and then a biopsy, and they found cancer. She is having a CAT scan today, and on Friday she's having a D&C. They are already talking hysterectomy. The doctor seems to think it's been caught early. But I'm terrified. I... (7 replies)
... hi maries5 just been reading all your comments and replies during your time on the boards. Hope things are well for you. My elderly mum has just experienced spotting for 3 days a little period pain but has always had pap smears -= last one was 12 months ago and it was clear she has taken hrt for 12 years had a break and back on it for 12 months. She is due to have US in 3... (83 replies)
... Hi Noodles, This is why it is best to check with your doctor. Different sources on the internet often tell you differently depending on that source's particular interest. My source says it enables doctors to more accurately diagnose and identify cancer among other things. Keep us posted. Marise. (83 replies)
... I was reading about PET tests on the internet and it says it's not used for diagnostic purposes but rather to stage a cancer. (83 replies)
... Thanks Rosie. Please don't stop posting here. Noodles, A pet scan is Positron Emission Tomoghraphy. It images the cellular functions of the body somehow and allows for more accurate diagnosis. It is non-invasive like a CT. Sometimes the two are combined as the information they give is complementary. Just another diagnostic tool to talk to your doctor about. I agree... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie and Welsh. Thanks so much for staying with me. I could write a book about the last couple of months - but I'll try not to! I have panicked a couple of times but I realize there is nothing to do but try and influence the outcome as well as I can. How are you both doing? Rosie did you finish all your tests? It was great to hear from you both again. Marise. (83 replies)
... Hi Noodles, I know what you mean about the fear. In my case there was'nt any choice. Have you considered a PET scan? they are supposed to be more detailed. Marise. (83 replies)
... Marise, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, truly, but you sound so optimistic and upbeat about it, please keep in touch. Rosie (83 replies)
... Welcome Back (((Marise))) ! So good to see you again! You had me worried. I'm sorry the suspicions were confirmed. You sound very strong for all you have been through these past several weeks. I am glad your chemo wasn't so bad. I hope you do well with the treatments and every part of your recovery. We didn't give up on you. Be good to yourself :angel: Welsh (83 replies)
... Hi Everyone. First an abject apology for being so long in answering your very kind posts. This is the first time I have visited the site since the operation. My only excuse is that it has been an emotional and physical roller coaster, one that is only now beginning to slow down. The operation results were, as suspected, two cancers. Ovarian serous carcinoma and Uterine... (83 replies)
... I've been checking in too. Just to let you know my prayers are with you during your recovery. (83 replies)
... Hi Marise - :wave: Like dvrosie, I keep checking to see if you've posted again too. Thinking of you and hoping your recovery is going well. :angel: Prayers & best wishes, Welsh (83 replies)
... Marise, been thinking about you; i didnt get the last thread notice that anything had been posted, so decided to check myself. i was surprised to see that the last date,March 12, said you were going in the next day. So it's been about two weeks, and I hope it went well for you and that you're having as comfortable recovery as can be expected. When you can please write us and... (83 replies)
... Sending tons & tons of hugs, prayers and well wishes your way (((Marise)))! We'll be thinking of you and eager to hear from you when you get back. Rest, recover and be reassured you are being thought of and prayed for. :angel: Hugs, Welsh (83 replies)

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