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... Hi Everyone. Tomorrow is my big day! (or last day?) tho I am not as scared now. More fatalistic than anything. The latest aneasthetist tells me that moden aneasthetics are much more controllable and safe. Also he said he knows my surgeon and that he is most dedicated and conscientous and has done hundreds of these operations. He said it is a very routine, straight forward... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie, Congratulations, I am so glad you are free and clear. Make sure you get regular check ups and stay that way. I was so afraid of paps etc. that I put off proper checkups too long. With ovarian cancer tho, paps don't help - you need to get an ultra sound every year, or at least two years, to catch it early. Are you sure you did'nt send a copy of your reply to my... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie, Thanks for the IV advice, I will definitely take it. Well, it is March already and still no date set for me. Luckily, now that I have the fluid under control and pain meds that don't have any obvious side effects, I am reasonably comfortable. My to-do list is woefully behind. I just don't have the energy or focus - it's like being in limbo. Maybe you could send me... (83 replies)

... Marise, about the IV, i INSISTED that I did not want it in my hand. The nurse "challenged" me to find another vein, which we finally did, on my wrist kind of to the inside near a bone. She said that we generally put it in the hand but i had already talked to the anethstetist and he said I didn't have to so she again, OK, well find me a vein. I also insisted on having this... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie, Thanks for the update. That is so funny about the book and the name:) Glad everything went well except for the long wait. I am not looking forward to the IV either - did they put it in the back of your hand? That is the worst! My df did'nt come today, she had a health scare with chest pain and spent a day in emergency too last week. Luckily it turned out to be a... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie, I don't think they will mind if I tell you I live in Canada. We have a national health system but right now it is having problems - especially with wait times for any kind of treatment, including emergency rooms. Good luck tomorrow and, if going to work Friday is what you want to do I admire your fortitude. But get back to us anyway. Marise. (83 replies)
... Hi, I can't believe what nice people you are! I thought my sounding off would have you running for cover. I am sorry I upset you but definitely appreciate your support. Mo: Thanks for the tip, I will call CCA today and ask them about that service. Rosie: Don't worry about me, it's your big day tomorrow so I will be thinking about you. Stay home friday and let us know how... (83 replies)
... Oh (((Marise))) I am so sorry you were postponed! I tell you, I'd be pitching a major hissy-fit right now! I'd get your gyn-onc to see if there is anything they can do. I didn't think you should have had to wait *this* long, let alone wait two weeks more!!! Of all the cases that are mostlikely on the books, I think they can find someone else to bump. Not someone who's... (83 replies)
... Marise I just backed up and read that you were POSTPONED??? In that much pain, i'm sorry, UNCONSCIONABLE.............. you get on the phone and start reporting! And demanding... and find another doctor while you're at it! Sorry, that just got me ALL RILED UP./ Rosie (83 replies)
... Marise, this is very alarming, i've never heard of such a thing. you have very bad medical people, it's shocking really. You need to get PRO ACTIVE and DEMAND things. I've been with Kaiser forever and as much as people complain about it, i've had nothing but concerned and caring doctors and they take time and talk and are available. NEVER HEARD of a doctor who said "I won't... (83 replies)
... Boy, I sure do know what you mean by just needing someone to talk to! I have a far away friend I can do that with, but sometimes just meeting for coffee at the spur of the moment would help. I know this is not your "area" but crisis pregnancy centers have volunteers that can lend an ear. It doesn't always need to be a pregnancy issue, they are involved in woman's issues... (83 replies)
... Hi again, Just posted the above and I got a call from the hospital contact. "We're really sorry but we have to postpone your operation, a more urgent case has to take your time on Tuesday, probably reschedule in about two weeks" I told her about the pain and she said to get my doctor to give me something stronger than tylenol. I don't know whether to be upset or glad! It... (83 replies)
... Hi Everyone, For the record, things are not going so great. And I have no one to blame but myself. Remember all those helpful people? well apart from ds and df I have not taken them up on their offers. I thought I could manage, and didn't want to be a nuisance. So no calls were made and now I could really do with some help and attention - no one is available. It would be... (83 replies)
... Thank you ladies for your response, I knew i could count on you! I suppose if it were that easy, then she would have suggested it. I'm with Kaiser. Apparently the anesth. does a phone consult, not a face to face one, perhaps because I'll be in twilight sleep and not general. I go do blood work on the 14th, two days before. As I'm having blood drawn, I'll be thinking about what... (83 replies)
... Hi you two :) Rosie, I agree with Marise. Uterine cancer is diagnosed by pathology, not by bone scans. Stick with your GYN's advice. ;) Marise, I've heard of others who do the group wait and walk into their surgery room. We do the gown, I.V. & visits from the anesthesiologists, nurses, docs, etc., but we're in a curtained off pre-op area on a gurney, and wheeled... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie, I have never heard this before. Maybe your chiropractor is right, but I am skeptical. I don't know anything about bone scans but it seems improbable that they could see inside an organ such as the uterus. Researchers are looking for a non-invasive screening test for cancer and if this were true they could stop looking. That's my uninformed opinion, anyway. Best... (83 replies)
... Marise or WelshTerrior mom.........i have a question. i mentioned my upcoming biopsy to my chiropractor and my doctor wanting to rule out uterine cancer and he said "why can't she just do a bone scan" and said that cancer would show up on a bone scan (as little black dots or something) and then you don't have to go thru the having drugs put in your body (he's VERY anti drug).... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie. Yes, I am getting a bit anxious, but realize there is no point to that. Just have to get things as caught up as I can and deal with whatever fate hands out later. I will ask my friend to write you if I can't. Hopefully, I will be able to use my computer shortly after getting home. I'll be looking to hear from you too! Your doctor seems very sensible, that must be a... (83 replies)
... Hi Welsh, I like your explanation, welsh terriers are great dogs, how many do you have? I haven't been to any hospital wards lately, but they used to have 4 bed wards covered by the goverment Health Service. Private and semi-private are extra. I am still working on taxes and I want to get some estate things in order; but it looks like I am running out of days - 11 to go.... (83 replies)
... I am so glad I found this board. I am going Wed for a transvagina ultrasound due to post menopausal bleeding and a thick uterus. I have been wondering what it all can mean and reading these posts have helped me to know what questions to ask the Doctor when I see him. ... (3 replies)

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