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... :wave: Sure you can call me 'Welsh' :) - Unfortunately, I have no lovely accent to go with my username. I picked it because our dogs are Welsh Terriers. They are still a rare breed here, so everyone thinks they're Airedale puppies. It's wonderful that you have people helping out! I'm so glad for you. I'm sure it touches your son's heart to know people are helping out his... (83 replies)
... Hi Welsh, (can I call you Welsh?) I was raised in Wales, British Isles, so am curious why you chose that name? It is SO good how people rally round, everyone I tell offers to help any way they can "just ask". I have an acquaintance who turned out to be a good friend now, she comes every Saturday for a couple of hours to help clear up the clutter. And the manager of our condo... (83 replies)
... Hi Marise, Just popping in to let you know I'm thinking of you. Saying a prayer you'll get some good news when your test results come in. The waiting can be so difficult! Hang in there sweetie. :angel: (83 replies)

... Hi. No there is no pain to the CT itself, it is just like an xray. The orange juice is a contrast material so that they can see the stomach etc. clearly. It does'nt taste bad - you get to drink about 32 oz so you feel pretty full and uncomfortable, then with the iodine iv, as you said, there is the flushing. I can sympathize with the feeling of being "assaulted" They go... (83 replies)
... Marise, usually when other people are "uncomfortable" that is pain to me! I didn't think there was any pain with a CT scan and i'm not sure what the "orange juice" is. I've had an IV with iodine in it once for an xray following a kidney stone (talk about pain!!!) and it was uncomfortable (hot, flushing, etc). I won't feel the biopsy/DNC, because i'll be in twilight sleep. I... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie. Went for CT etc on Friday. Not fun. You can't have breakfast then you get to drink a gallon of "orange juice" over 45 minutes, and an iv with radiation. Nothing hurts, just very uncomfortable. It did not help that the dept. has to be kept cold re the machinery, so I was freezing. Luckily I was'nt in pain like the other weekend - just ordinary period-like cramps. I... (83 replies)
... I go for my pre op on Feb 3 and my biopsy on Feb 16. the most annoying part is taking time off of work. I'm a speech therapist and I don't get a sub when I'm absent. I am planning on going back to work on Fri. the day after the "twilight" sleep procedure. I am thinking I'll feel fine if I am sleeping most of Thursday. I really can't afford to be taking the time off, and I... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie. Thanks for the praise, but I am just as scared as anyone. Just happen to be a "reserved" Brit. Stiff upper lip and all that! you know :) I haven't talked to the gyno since the first visit. He said I could call him anytime, but not to expect him to remember me. (so much for personal attention!). He is only at my local hospital on Tuesdays so I have a Contact there... (83 replies)
... Marise, does your doctor say why the pain? YOu sound like you're keeping your spirits up so well, i don't know if I could do the same! I understand you wanting to get caught up, but don't tax yourself, you prob. need to rest and be strong for the surgery. And here I am, "fretting" over having the biopsy procedure done, shame on me. You women are so brave, I salute you. (83 replies)
... Hi Welshterriormum. My blood tests were normal except for: Creatine 112 s/b <100, and Ferritin of 36 s/b at least 41 to 100, so not that bad. The CA-125 will be done on Friday at the hospital along with a CT and chest xray. The pre-op with the Anaesthesiologist will be Feb. 3 or 10th. I asked my contact at the hospital if it was possible to bring the surgery forward. She... (83 replies)
... Hi Marise, What were your abnormal labs? Did they include a CA-125 in your labwork? Are you going to move your surgery date up? I can understand wanting to have it taken care of ASAP if that is what's advised for you. I know you have further testing to do also, so assume those would need moved as well. I think most places will make any scheduling accomodations they can if... (83 replies)
... Hi Rosie, Yes, he is my regular doctor, but I will see the specialist now, so will probably not go back to him for a couple of months. His reason for rushing was that he did not want to give it any time to spread. It was scary at the time, but then I remembered he does tend to be overcautious generally. To answer your previous question: I took HRT for about 5 years back in... (83 replies)
... Marise, that is very.............alarming. Did he say WHY he wanted the date moved up "this week." That would scare me without any further explanation.Exp. if the blood tests weren't "alarming." Does he not plan to see you again, hence "it was nice knowing you?" Does another doctor take over? Was this not your regular doctor? Yes, the doctor needs to be encouraging. Not a... (83 replies)
... Hi Everyone. I went to my family doc. yesterday for blood test results, a couple of high scores but nothing alarming. He was alarming though! He was very anxious that I get the surgery date brought forward "this week if possible". As I left he said "it's been good knowing you" Hey! I'm trying to be optimistic here! (83 replies)
... Hi Josie. Thanks for trying. Come back, as they say on the radios! Hi Welshterriermom. Yes, I am very lucky to have found such nice people to chat with. Thanks for the detail, that's what I need to hear. You really had a hard time of it, with the itching and all. I'm glad you recovered quickly and without complications. How were the nurses? I think it makes a big difference... (83 replies)
... Hi Marise, It's hard to compare surgery notes because everyones situation is different as well as everyone's pain perception and tolerance is too. I didn't have anyone to talk to before mine, but I sure would have liked to. My surgery was lengthy because of severe endometriosis and extensive adhesions. I felt worse than I had expected, but my doc said it was because of... (83 replies)
... Hi Josie, Thanks for trying. I did find some interesting sites on google anyway. I am puzzled as to why they can't be referred to? They are in the public domain. Perhaps the moderator can tell us? (83 replies)
... marise, did your doctor ever suspect HRT's and is he/she taking you off them or did you already get off of them? This is a hard time.............i hope all goes well with you. I'll check back regularly to see. Rosie (83 replies)
... Welshterriermom, Thank-you for your kind thoughts. I am sorry you had to have this operation last year - can you tell me how it went for you? I saw on a website video that the operation is not complicated, when done abdominally. But I read that the recovery is difficult and there are after effects to watch for. I will take your advice and keep busy. I've always been a... (83 replies)
... Marise, i had the ultra sound also and all it found was that my lining was 7mm and my doctor said she would prefer 4 or less; but since i'm on HRT's the 7mm might be normal. Since she couldn't be sure, she wanted to do another .......she said, 'biopsy' but when i asked her if it was the same as a D and C, she said, "well yeh" (I'm ok for cervical cancer, she just wants to... (83 replies)

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