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... Hi Marise, Bless your heart. I'm sorry the news wasn't better for you. Needless to say, I hope the suspicions are wrong. I'm glad you feel good about your doctor; that's important. I hope your CT and other tests are all okay. My hysterectomy last year wasn't for anything suspicious, but waiting for the surgery date was still hard. Try to keep busy doing things you... (83 replies)
... Hi everyone. Today I met with the gynecologist and he confirmed the probability that it is cancer. He can't know for sure of course until the pathology results from the operation. He did a biopsy and I am going for a CT and other pre-op tests on Jan. 20. I did ask him about getting a PET scan but he does not think it would change the fact that I need to have the... (83 replies)
... Here's to a good outcome on tomorrow's d & c and a nice, peaceful little nap while it's being done! We'll all be thinking about you and hoping for everything to be good!! Josie (83 replies)

... Hi Everyone. Welshterriermon and Josie. Many thanks to you both for your kind thoughts and very useful and insightful advice. It helps to keep things in perspective when I can talk to someone who has been "through the mill". I will take your advice and ask to see a gyn-oncologist. My son took the news very well, I can tell he is worried because he is being extra nice to... (83 replies)
... Hi Marise, I'm so sorry your ultrasound showed suspicious findings. I agree with Josie about seeing a gyn-oncologist. That's what I would do. If you already have the gyn appt. for tuesday you could go ahead and keep that, as multiple opinions are a good idea, but I'd consult with a gyn/onc too if you can. I'm glad you shared your situation with your son. I know it must... (83 replies)
... To answer a couple of questions... yes they got it all. You always will think about almost never stop thinking it could be somewhere else...we all call that cancer head. You of course are probably thinking the worse and let me tell you.. everyone does it. It's just natural and believe me, it's the worst part of getting a cancer dx. You may have a very simple... (83 replies)
... Marise, thank you for responding. I think i'd be in "twilight" sleep which has less risks. I totallly freaked out last time she tried to do it. And it WAS with the thin plastic tubing, and i stood it, so i thought, but apparently, she didn't get enough sample and now has to make "several passes" which just fills me full of too much anxiety. I'm in GREAT health, i work out,... (83 replies)
... Hi. I went for results today, pap was normal, estrogen was high, my doc was all set to put me on progesterone until he saw the US results. Not good!Apparently I have a 5 cm mass in the lining of my uterus and a 7 cm one in my right ovary. The report says they are "suspicious for carcinoma". Doctor said probably they will do a hysterectomy and got me an appointment with a... (83 replies)
... Welshterriermom, Thanks very much for a taking the time to reply. Like most of us I did have HRT around menopause but not since. I am a little overweight so estrogens may be the cause. I was moving heavy furniture around my apartment for a few days before it started - so it's possible the strain could have released a buildup of the lining?? I think I do have atrophy but the... (83 replies)
... C done after post menopausal bleeding, wait 2 weeks and get the results. If they are not good, the dr said he would call. ... (1 replies)
... funny enough Suggi but my problems are no longer of the GYN nature. Back last spring when I had that post menopausal bleeding which resulted in having the D & C etc, I also had an appt to see a plastic surgeon for a rather ugly mole which needed to come off. First came the GYN stuff, all clear then the appt with the surgeon, and the date set for the mole removal.... all... (31 replies)
... I think your bleeding and symptoms could very well come from the other, benign uterine conditions you mention you've suffered from in the past. ... (3 replies)
... I was 60 when diagnosed. Had a total hysterectomy. Had not spread to my lymph nodes. I am post menopausal, had no bleeding for about 8 years. A couple of months before I had bleeding, I had different and strange "feelings" in my lower abdomen. ... (3 replies)
... e ultrasound and biopsy and had no cancer but lining was 10mm. I am loaded with fibroids though and have never been able to have children. The Dr said since I am post menopausal the fibroids should shrink. ... (5 replies)
... My wife is already being investigated for post mempausal bleeding and we are now waiting for the results of a biopsy done three days ago. ... (2 replies)
... one week off. I had very irratic bleeding and finally got to the point where I was spotting every day for 3 months straight. Then she said I had vaginal atrophy and stopped the meds. ... (2 replies)
... I did not have bleeding after procedure. But 4 days later started light spotting, which has steadily been increasing over the last 5 days. ... (0 replies)
... al cancer is among the most common cancers for women to get and it is usually diagnosed in Stage 1 because it's symptom is bleeding, and that is not normal for a post menopausal woman. Any woman who is postmenopausal and has any vaginal bleeding, spotting, or even a discharge should be checked for cancer of the uterus. ... (2 replies)
... UPDATE: On Dec 27 I had a radical hysterectomy (uterus, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes were removed) and lymph node disection (they removed several lymph nodes from different areas). My cancer (adenocarcinoma) was surgically staged at 1A, which means it was contained within the uterus and penetration of the myometrium was less than 50%. In simple words, they got it... (7 replies)
... I am a 53 year old post menopausal woman. I've been without a period for 3 years. I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago. I have med controlled high blood pressure. ... (0 replies)

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