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... Hi, I just realized uterine cancer had its own board. I was diagnosed with adenocarcioma Ia1 last April and the only treatment I had to have was a hyst to remove my cervix and uterus. The only reason my cancer was found so early was because my regular doc did an HPV test when she did my pap 13 months ago and the gyn I went to for my colposcopy did an ECC (endocervical... (6 replies)
... Do have the biopsy. My pap was fine but there can be cells so high in the uterus that they are not picked up... A biopsy showed cancer when white cells in my urine showed during a usual Dr check. ... (6 replies)
... medicine for that but the cramps still didn't go away. I went back again today and had a culture and vaginal ultrasound done and found out that the lining of my uterus walls we at 10mm which the doctor said was more then what they like them to be which was 6mm. ... (0 replies)

... I had them show up one year, and the next year they did not. The doctor told me that it is not uncommon for endo cells to show up if you are still having periods, and your pap was close to your period. My research on the internet seems to say the same thing. ... (6 replies)
... I just had a pap. The doctor said the cervix looks fine. But there were some cells from the uterus that showd up. They are recommending a endometrial biospy to make sure the uterine tissue looks reassuring. Is it necessary because of that to have this? ... (6 replies)
... to know and this was a hiccup that I would get the better of!! I had 6 weeks of radiotherapy after the hysterectomy and to date, 14 months later, my CT scans show no changes. I was told that the chemo is very harsh and will only hold the progress back for a short time. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Lynn - I'm curious as to what you found out. I just turned 53 and am having abnormal bleeding, didn't have a period for 4 months and now it's almost continuous. Doctor wants to do a D&C. I also have 2 fibroids. Did the ablation go okay? Thanks. Becky (27 replies)
... Did that show up on biospy? ... (27 replies)
... my mother has been having problems with her uterus for about 8 months, she has been having bleedings on and off and last month she bled for a whole month. ... (2 replies)
Please help
Oct 12, 2009
... They must have some kind of lab results to justify a consult with an oncologist, maybe they got some endometrial cells from the pap smear that show pre-cancerous cells? That is what happened to me, my lab results showed precancerous changes, but not actual cancer, therefore, they sent me along to the oncologist because they wanted him to supervise my case and be in the loop on... (8 replies)
... Lost some lymph glands so do have slight lymphedema in my left leg. Two years and I'm good. Three scans show no probs and if the one coming up says the same that is a big plus apparently. I also had slight discharge but had been told that was a norm... ... (25 replies)
... As far as your ovarian cysts go, the ultrasound does show cysts up to 4cm in size on one side, and 3cm on the other. These don't appear too concerning. ... (1 replies)
... I don't think this is UTI only. UTI does not make you bloat or have pelvic pain. Usually UTI is about bladder and the urinary tract, and kidney. You should ask the GP to test your blood test CA125 Ovarian cancer marker and also ask for a scan to look at the pelvic area for kidney, bladder and uterus/ovary. An ultrasound test can see the ovaries or uterus. So it does not... (1 replies)
Uterine Sarcoma?
Sep 25, 2010
... I know the PET scan will show if it's cancer or not, I'm just looking for someone that has perhaps had similar symptoms before? ... (8 replies)
... Not so good. Still in pain, nothing different, only worse. My problem is pain right in the middle of my pelvic area, feels like uterus area. It goes away on the first day my period, my period lasts 3 days, and then the pain comes back. Just went through it. ... (13 replies)
... onc said there is a mass in her uterus which he thinks is malignant, and told her it has to come out. He also said there appears to be some small spots around the uterus which are suspicious. ... (6 replies)
... several cervical polyps were found, which have caused the prolonged bleeding, and they were removed in the operation. Then the doctor found my uterus lining really thick, covered with some white dots. She couldn't tell what they are, but the thickness could be due to taking progesterone for nearly a month. ... (4 replies)
... C and just scrape everything out of the uterus and send it in for biopsy. I haven't heard back on those results yet. ... (55 replies)
Mri w/contrast
Oct 15, 2008
... Hi there, I'm new to this thread, I was wondering do you hear of the need to have an MRI with contrast to see your uterus for possible adenomyosis? ... (3 replies)
... Hello Mark I'm 53 and was diagnosed with uterine or endometrial cancer. I go Monday to find out how it is going to be treated. I was different then your wife. Most of my life I did not have periods due to a Pituitary tumor. And I probably had 6 of them in the last half of my 40s. But about 16 months ago I noticed a droplet of blood everyday in the toliet and gradually it... (4 replies)

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